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Tough Going?

Many Christians find that the Christian Life is like pushing a huge rock up an impossibly steep hill, with no progress ever being made. Do you sometimes feel like that?

Some of the reasons may be:

1. Allowing conscious sin in your life. Anything which the Holy Spirit has convicted you of (and perhaps you know right now what it is) which you are unwilling to relinquish and immediately give up, will result in Him being grieved. The result is that you are powerless and experience constant defeat. The rock keeps on rolling down the hill again.
Cure - confess and forsake that specific sin right now. Don't worry about the things God has not spoken to you about, just focus on that area which His finger is upon. Having confessed your sin (perhaps together with a brother in the Lord), then completely turn from it.  "Avoid even the appearance of evil" needs to become your daily motto regarding that weakness in your life.

2. Trying in your own strength. Jesus says in Matt 11: 28 - 30: "Come unto Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." If you don't come to Him with your `tough going' the Lord will allow you to go it alone until you're so tired and washed out that you are forced to come to Him for rest.
Cure - Don't wait until you're drop dead exhausted. If the going is tough then stop trying so hard in your own strength. Wait upon (lean and trust in) our Lord Jesus Christ. So if you're one of those who "grow tired and weary, ... stumble and fall", wait on the Lord and hope in Him and He will enable you to "renew your strength and soar on wings like eagles" (Is 40: 29-31). Through Him, and the power of His death and resurrection, you can "walk and not be faint."

3. Not abiding in Him. Many Christians attempt to fulfill the law and keep God's commandments. Very commendable, but impossible outside of Christ. If God saves by grace He also gives victory by grace. It has been said that "the law tells you to push the boulder up the hill whereas grace says `I'll do it for you.'" If it is true that you can bear no fruit without Him (John 15) then why do you keep on trying to produce fruit by yourself?
Cure - Christ commands you to "Abide in Me". Having turned from your sin you must turn only towards Jesus Himself. Give up on your own attempts. Have they not failed you again and again? The moment you abide (remain, stay, `lock into') Christ you will instantly start bearing fruit, His fruit, which will last forever.


Even as you experience the above 3 requirements for victorious living there are times when the going is tough. But, as it has been said: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Even in those difficult times, which God may allow you to experience, stay faithful to Him and He will carry you through.


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