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USA November 2004

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Report back 16 November: "We are back in Tulsa now, arrived tonight ( Monday night). Services in Minneapolis went very well, we started on Saturday night with about 300 or more people, we both had to preach a full sermon. Sunday morning there were about 800 the Church was full to capacity, we both preached again and people were touched, some confessing publicly. Sunday evening we had another service in same church with about 700 and after that a youth service with about 200 youth which lasted from 19:30 till 10:00pm. Tim and Ala Selykov were our hosts and they send many greetings to you and all at KSB. The doors are wide open in Minneapolis once again and they have invited KSB to speak at two youth conferences next year."

John Powys and Peet Botha will be preaching in 3 States in America in November 2004.

They will start in Minneapolis Minnesota, from Friday 12th, they are hosted by Tim and Ala Selykov. Phone: (952) 997-6153

On Monday they travel to Tulsa Oklahoma where services will be conducted until Thursday. Paul Celick (Home number: 918 446 3609) is the host in Tulsa. He is also obtainable from day one of the tour until 19 November, on his mobile mobile number: (918)260-3348)

Friday they will fly to Orlando Florida, and conduct services in a town near Jacksonville for the weekend (19 & 20 November), the services will be in various Russian churches in the area. Roman and Angelina Pushkar are the hosts there. Phone number is: (904)692-4843. on Sunday morning in First Baptist church of Bunnel. With other  meetings  possible in between, if God permits.

If need to phone John Powys himself please SMS to his South African tri-band phone 27 82 928 3340.


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