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KwaSizabantu Mission - Smithfield

Some photos and information for 2005

The information given below can be downloaded as a pdf here (8Mb).

Gideon Jacobs writes:

I was a farmer for 18 years and lived a life in terrible sin. I had the nickname "Satan” amongst the black people because of the way I had treated them. In 1989 I had a meeting with God and my life was changed completely. The black people on my farm were so touched by God’s work in my life that they also had a meeting with God and a congregation was founded.


In 1998 I sold my farms because I felt God was calling me into full-time ministry. I then spent my money in creating jobs and training people to earn a living for themselves. Presently about 50 people are permanently employed in various occupations on the mission. Some visitors come for a time to receive training and spiritual help and then leave again, while others then stay permanently.

A bakery ("supermarket") and dairy were established in Smithfield for 5 reasons:

(i) to train adults
(ii) to train school children
(iii) to teach trainees how to live amongst people by example. This by working hard and being faithful and honest in business
(iv) to create jobs
(v) to generate funds

People are trained in: baking bread and confectionary; preparing fast foods; butchering; yoghurt and cheese making; caring for dairy cows; computers etc. The Bakery is situated in Smithfield on the main road (N6). A suitable property on the outskirts of town has been purchased for the Dairy. The cows in production are kept at the Dairy, while the ones not in production are on a farm of a friend who is doing the mission a favour. We are praying for a farm of our own for the future.

School: In 1993 the congregation was led to start a farm school. This as a first priority for a better education for black farm children. The congregation subsidized the school with all that was needed. The school was registered with the old department of education and training in January 1994.

In 1994 20 students were enrolled. Today the school is situated in town and now has120 students and 14 teachers. Because of the many children from other provinces, a boarding school was started. We rent two old hostels for accommodation, classrooms, computer rooms, and for administration purposes. Most of the scholars are boarders and are subsidized by the various mission projects. We have created various jobs at the school and hostel by employing people to cook, clean, and perform maintenance duties etc. The school is now registered as a non profitable organization; ref. No. 043423.

Orphanage: In 2002 an orphanage was established because of the Aids epidemic. Two houses were purchased for this purpose. The children occupying these houses receive everything they need. Because the orphanage is subsidized by the mission projects, parents of the congregation live with the children and serve as parents.

Building team: We also have our own building team who do all the building, general maintenance and renovation work. A number of people have been employed and are being trained for this purpose.

Accomodation: Considering many people visit the mission nationally and internationally, accommodation is always a problem. Our aim therefore is towards constant improvement in this regard. Two properties have been purchased in view of this.

The way forward:

  • To establish a knitting and sewing program for our school uniform needs. To train school girls for this purpose and so generate more funds
  • To establish a metal and wood-workshop for our maintenance needs, train school boys and so create jobs
  • An Aids hospital where aids patients can be cared for and counseled
  • To develop a butchery at the bakery
  • To buy a farm for the following reasons:
    (i) to produce food for the dairy cows, meat for the butchery and vegetables for the shop etc. This would strengthen the already existing projects tremendously
    (ii) to create many more jobs
    (iii) to serve as a training institution for adults and our school boys
  • The goal of these efforts must be lives changed by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that this is what we owe to a broken society
Some photos
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