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Family Camp - Smithfield
31 October - 2 November 2003

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A family camp was held from the 31 October to the 2nd of November in Smithfield. A team from KwaSizabantu Mission came to conduct the services. The team consisted of Rev. Bruno Hlongwane, Rev. Michael Ngubane, Rev. Koos Combrink, Gert de Vries and Ronel Carstens.

The Friday evening people still arrived from Bloemhof, Lesotho, Zastron, Trompsburg and Ladybrand. The services was held in the town hall and space was limited. A video monitor had to put up so that people seated in an adjacent room could also see the preachers and choirs. After the service all the people walked back to the dining hall for supper. There were approximately 500 people during the weekend. Sleeping accommodation were just enough and although an invitation to all was made to come for the weekend, it was clear that the Lord send those He wanted to be here.

The Saturday morning Rev. Piet Marais from Ladybrand conducted the service and he spoke on the truthfulness of the Gospel, God’s Word. He works with HIM (Holiness International Mission) that spreads the Gospel in Ladybrand and Maseru (Lesotho). After him Rev. Michael Ngubane from KSB preached on the young man to whom Jesus said that he must sell everything he has and then come and follow Him and how difficult it is for young people to leave everything and follow the Lord Jesus today.

The afternoon service Ronel from Doctors for Life shared concerning Abortion and Aids in the family. A very graphic and straight slide show and video message was presented where the audience was captivated by the shocking truth of abortion. The session lasted over two hours, however the audience still asked questions and statement questions. They really appreciated the combination of the Gospel and the solution it gives to abortion and the problems faced with HIV/AIDS.

In the evening the young people of Smithfield Mission acted out a play. The message of the play was how Satan works behind the scenes using friends, music, fashion and money to deceive the souls of men in order to win them. Afterwards the combined choirs of Smithfield Mission sang a hymn, ‘Carry the torch!’. The choir members held real flaming torches on the stage, it was quite a memorable event.

The Sunday morning a short devotion was given by Phillip Geise, a missionary in Ladybrand, and he spoke from a young person perspective to the young people. He talked about the life of David and how God was with him. That young people should realize they are nothing, then they are ready to used by God. The main service was conducted by Rev. Combrink who spoke on how people make as if they are Christians, but when they have to do certain things, it is the found that they never were really Christians.

Rev. Gideon Jacobs closed the weekend family camp with thanksgiving to God who allowed the team from KSB to come and for their input, guidance and leadership.

To God be the glory, great things he has done. A couple of people after the camp felt on their hearts to come and stay at Smithfield Mission. The team from KSB was blessed with what the young people did, how they worked together and assumed responsibility, they commented that there is hope. Thanks to all the mammas who cooked the food in the kitchen, who only slept a few hours each night, who worked always with a cheerful heart.

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Gideon show dairy to Gert anthonie_intro.JPG (70121 bytes) Townhall where services were held farmers_send_trucks.JPG (100526 bytes) Preacher from America, Philip
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Oom Piet represents the mission work in Lesotho sermon_hall.JPG (92342 bytes) Ronell Carstens from DFL smithfield.JPG (86076 bytes) Question time
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Smithfield Choir men_choir.JPG (86165 bytes) Youth Choir sings "Let your light shine" drama.jpg (65131 bytes) Youth Choir
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