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Family camp at Smithfield

27 - 29 September 2002

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Workers at the bakery Smithfield choir DCS High School
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Workers inside bakery Gideon Jacobs & family Preaching
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Life Child Project Meeting in progress Meeting in progress
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DCS Primary School DCS Primary School Teachers Smithfield Youth Choir

A team consisting of Bruno Hlongwane, Michael Ngubane, Gert de Vries and Ntombi Mgidi went to Smithfield on the weekend of the 27th - 29th September 2002 for a family camp. The services were held in the NG Church hall.

A crowd of approximately 450 people turned up on Friday night for the first service. The hall was filled to capacity and some even sat on mattresses. Such a large crowd was not expected and some even came from as far as Trompsburg, Zastron, Bethulie and Lesotho to attend the services. The weekend was filled with testimonies, services and choirs. Everyone was challenged to keep their eyes fixed on God under all circumstances. We were also reminded that each one of us has been called as a leader in our home. What message do we portray to other people? Do we spread a message of hope and salvation or are people discouraged and turned away from God when they see our lives? Our lives will show whether we are able to distinguish between God's voice and the serpent's voice.

The devil uses the love of money to trap many people, because it is essential.

Two testimonies were given during the weekend. One of a woman who lived immoral, used drugs, and did prostitution. God intervened and changed her life totally around. The other was of a young man. He too lived a life of stealing and drunkenness. He felt how that God pulled in one direction and he in the opposite direction. Finally all his goals and dreams were shattered and he realized that he needs God. God also changed his life drastically.

On Saturday afternoon the youth of the Smithfield congregation performed a play of how God started working in that area 13 years ago with a Xhosa family and a white farmer. God intervened in their lives and they still serve God together up to today. This touched many people.

During the entire weekend God's greatness was seen and displayed through numerous people who were touched by His Word. All the people attending the conference were fed each meal. That alone is already a miracle for which God is thanked.

Young and old, boys and girls, fathers and mothers - all were touched by God during this weekend.

On Sunday the meetings were closed off with a verse from Hebrews 12:1 - 4.

Faith is compared to a race and our goal must be to reach the end victoriously. Our Christian families should be different from other families. Each one of us must make sure of our goals and in whom we believe, and we should run this spiritual race and be a living example for all around us.


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