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Rumania July Conference 2000

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A team of co-workers together with Erlo Stegen are ministering at the new Kwasizabantu centre in Romania . Over 1200 have registered for the conference. Most of those who have registered (and many come unannounced) are between the ages of 18 and 22. There is not enough accommodation and the organisers have said that they will probably have to sleep two per bed.
News just in (20 July) is that, besides the 1500 or so who have arrived, there are more people coming every day. Some have to sleep on straw because of the lack of sleeping facilities. The services have been around the theme of the Christ's suffering, the Cross, and it's practical outworking.
Reports today (21 July): The Lord is working mightily and many are surrendering their lives to Him. The message this afternoon was Mark 14:72 and how God speaks through various things, even "minor, unimportant" objects and events. God firstly speaks through His Word. Then, He often uses these small incidents (like the rooster in Peter's case) to remind us of the Word He has spoken.
The 1,600 people are being fed every day, miraculously, from 3 pots. God never fails to provide.

Today (22 July), the reports continue about the abundant blessing of the Lord upon the services in Rumania. The message about the profound role of the rooster continued: The rooster's crowing after Peter's denial taught Peter, and should teach us all, never to trust in self. We dare not believe in ourselves but only in Christ. The rooster symbolised the dawn of a New Day, the day in which Christ was to proclaim "It is finished!". This was the Day in which our salvation was wrought, our sins dealt with and our liberation made whole.
A young couple (an Italian brother and a Rumanian sister) got engaged at the meeting this morning. The theme of this morning's service was about the Lord's hands and feet. It was those blessed hands which created the world and healed the people, which were cruelly nailed to the Cross. Those wonderful feet which came down to earth, God manifest as man, which were brutally pierced on the Tree. If the feet of Him who brings Good News are "beautiful" (Is 52:7), how much more the feet of our Saviour as they bled and purchased our redemption.

Another bus full of young people arrived at the services today.

See German report

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