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Rumania - July 2001
(see report on services there one year ago)

Sunday 22 July 2001 was the end of a truly blessed week of services at the Kwasizabantu centre in Voitech, Rumania. Over 1800 attended the conference, of which most were young people.

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A (very) brief summary of the services:

16.07.01 - F. Stegen

evening - Opening Service

Theme of the Conference in Romania - "Would you be made whole"

Text: John 5:2-4

The sheep gate was next to the temple. Sheep to be sacrificed were brought through this gate to the temple, and were cleaned in the pool before being sacrificed. This is an illustration pointing to Christ. If we surrender ourselves as an offering to the Lord, then we must be washed in the Blood of the Lamb.

The word 'Bethesda' means Pool of Grace / Mercy.

We realise that God's redemption plan for us is a work of Grace.

Titus 2:11 - God's saving Grace disciplines us to forsake godless ways.

The pool can also be compared to the washing of the Word. Christians should cling to the Word of God, reading and studying it prayerfully.

Only the sick and those who recognised their need for help lay in the hall around the pool.

(An alter call was made which many responded to.)


17.07.10 - F. Stegen


'Would you be made whole'

Text: John 5

We easily believe that we lack nothing. As long as I can live in peace and am at ease, I am alright.

Do we men realise that it is the godly duty of the man to give his family direction?

1. The man was sick for 38 years, and yet he never gave up. How quickly don't we give up?  When Jacob wrestled with the angel, he said, 'I will not let you go until you bless me.'

No matter what the situation you find yourself in - never give up. No matter what happens.

2. 'I have no one...'

This sick man told Jesus that no man had offered to help him. Do we have sympathy for people in need? Do the circumstances of the people around me even register in me? Can I help people?

These very people will testify against us before the Lord one day, saying that we as Christians living amongst them did not help them.

Beware that your piety does not blind you to your actual calling.

God works in whatever way He chooses, and through whom He chooses. We perhaps believe God only works through us. But Jesus came for the sick.

Can we pour healing oil on the wounds of the wounded.


17.07.01 - Arno Stegen


Text: John 5

1. Why does Jesus ask 'Would you...?'

Some who lay there probably lived on alms.

They could probably not remember what a healthy life meant anymore, or perhaps they did not even want it.

Spiritually speaking, some live such lives. They love complaining of their needs. But the one Jesus spoke to was not so. He wanted to be healed.

2. Meeting Jesus, knowing Him

Jesus gets personal. In the middle of a big city, Jesus meets this man personally. Whether you're in a service with many people or wherever, when Jesus speaks people become unimportant.

Has Jesus spoken to you? Do you (not the person next to you) want to be made whole?


18. 07.01 - George Grau

For most people health is their chief goal. Yet, how many are truly healthy (whole) in God's eyes? Even though David had been spiritually strong and victorious he fell very low. Even when you experience victory never allow yourself to become independent and self-trusting. No one just "falls" into adultery. David's sin didn't stop there, one thing followed another, murder, deception etc. One can see how David's sin resulted in progressive bluntness. He lost his sensitivity to God. And yet, David acknowledged his sin when confronted by Nathan. He repented towards God and never fell into the same sin again.


18.07.01 - Friedel Stegen


John 5

Jesus spoke to the sick man and said "Get up!" and the sick man was able to walk. Upon Jesus' Word the sick are healed. The Lord infringed upon the Jewish tradition with this deed. God often works against our preconceived ideas and religious traditions. God wants us to hand over our religiosity to Him.


19.07.01 - Klaus Alius


Lev 10: 1 and 2

The sons of Aaron were appointed into the priesthood. Even though their outward service may have seemed correct nevertheless, they brought strange fire before the Lord and stirred up His anger. As parents we must never identify with evil in the lives of our children. We shouldn't justify their sin. God didn't allow Aaron to even mourn over his sons.


19.07.01 - Arno Stegen

Acts 3 - the healing of the lame man.

The lame man lay before the temple as a beggar. It is a pitiful thing to be in this condition spiritually. He could do nothing for himself and was always dependent upon the help of others. Like some, when they don't get given things they can't survive spiritually. A life of a Christian is tough-going when there is no power from Christ.

The miracle was a work of God but the spiritual elite missed the whole thing. Even though things seemed contrary for Peter and John they were still "full of the Spirit" and could speak in His power. People could see that they had both been with Jesus. Can others recognise that you have been with Christ?


20.07.01 - Jan Willem Mout


James 4:4

God made a covenant with His people - in the Old and New Testaments this covenant is likened to marriage.

James uses the word `kosmos' to describe life without God.

James describes friendship on just an emotional level. The world appeals to this level. In 1 Jn 2:15 we read that the world appeals to fleshly lust, lust of the eyes, and boasting. Whoever does these things does not have the love of the Father. We read in Gal 5:19 about the works of the flesh - these show friendship with the world.


20.07.01 - Friedel Stegen


It is important to respond with clarity to Jesus, when He asks you a question.


21.07.01 - Eurochoir ministers in song, testimony and skits



closing service by Friedel Stegen

Mark 6: 18 - 24



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