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Outreach to Petrus Steyn, 14 - 17 Jan 2003

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A team from Kwasizabantu and Smithfield was invited to hold services on farms surrounding the town of Petrus Steyn.

The meetings were organized by Mrs. Martha Mabokwane and started on Tuesday the 14th of January and lasted till Friday the 17th.

Mrs. Mabokwane, who is a nurse, visits these farms on a regular basis and arranged these meetings by liaising with a colleague at the Rearabetswe Clinic in Petrus Steyn, who is a member of the NG Church.

The outreach consisted of 12 meetings and we saw approximately 400 people.

The people were blessed by a choir from Smithfield whereafter Gideon Jacobs, one of the team members from Smithfield, gave his testimony.

Gideon, who was a farmer for 18 years, told the people how the Lord first had to save him from drinking, smoking and hatred before he could lead his workers to the Lord. They are still with him and are part of the ministry in Smithfield.

It was encouraging to see the openness of the people towards the gospel, as well as the hunger for the truth. To illustrate the hunger, people asked us after the service, which on average were one and a half hours long, when we could come again.

Of the 12 meetings held in Petrus Steyn, two were held in the Rearabetswe Clinic and one at a farm school where various of the team members gave their testimonies.

The team was accommodated in Christians homes in the area.

(report by Chris Hanekom)


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