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Outreach to Petrus Steyn, Free State, SA

26 October 2002

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A team from Kwasizabantu and Vereeniging was invited to hold services at Petrus Steyn in the Free State, on Saturday, 26 October 2002,

The meetings were organized by Mrs Martha Mabokwane, working together with pastors in the area. People came from neighboring towns such as Frankfort and Reitz. She worked so hard to hire a tent and chairs for the weekend.

Strong winds tore the tent, which was not in good condition, but that did not stop the hungry hearts from attending the meetings. Testimonies were shared in the services and many people were moved. Gert de Vries one of the members of the team told how the Lord touched his father who was a farmer in Eastern Cape. One day his father (whom the workers nicknamed "Nkomo yahlaba" - Lit. "the bull that stabs") went to apologise to one of his workers for the way he had mistreated him and even shook his hand. This worker could not believe what he experienced that day. He ran around telling the others of what had happened. This testimony moved many hearts for they understood the message very well.

The message of true salvation was shared and the people were blessed to hear the truth. Local pastors also took part in the services. A group of young people from Vereeniging blessed the crowds with their message in song and also telling the teenagers about keeping themselves pure until marriage.

The team was accommodated in Christians' homes in the area. Invitations were also extended by other pastors from different denominations. They are  planning to visit Kwasizabantu Mission before the end of this year .

We thank the Lord to see that many hearts are still longing to hear and receive the Gospel.

Report by Bruno Hlongwane.


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