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Mahlaba Mass Gathering

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The climax of a number of tent crusades (see Msinga), was held on 20 August 2000 at the Gangeyana HP School at Mahlaba in the Msinga district.   New converts and Kwasizabantu members attended the mass gathering held in the school hall and adjacent tent. Over a thousand locals came from the hills and valleys (see photos above).
Organised by Alpheus Mdlalose the program included a number of local choirs as well as the Kwasizabantu choir.
A lady from the area, Mrs Chonco, who had been recently converted from paganism and spiritism, gave her joyful testimony of her newfound faith.
Rev Stegen then preached from 1Cor 1:18, "For the message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."

It was a glorious time of refreshing and the evidence of God's power.

Please pray for the many new converts in the Mahlaba area.

The Lord's is also gracious to heal when, in His sovereign will, He delights to do so. At the Sunday service on 20 August was a lady who had left her crippled sister at home. The sister (MaKhumalo) was paralyzed from the waist down and could not care for herself, let alone her two children aged 5 and 6. MaKhumalo's sister wanted to go to the Sunday service so she arranged to leave her crippled sibling in the hut with enough food and water to last her till she returned. She got a lift and traveled about 30km to the service at the Gangeyana school. When she returned she was about to unlock the door (for she had locked her sister in) when she heard her sister's voice instructing her to fetch the rest of the family because she wanted to speak to them. Fearful that she was to be scolded for having deserted her sister, she called the family and they all sat down in the hut. MaKhumalo rose to her feet and walked, and told the family that she was healed during the service.
What makes this even more wonderful is that this was the very valley where a certain lady had been healed of her blindness at the beginning of the revival. When the Lord was doing mighty things at Tugela Ferry and surrounding areas in Msinga many years ago there was a certain Saturday evening when 10 blind people were healed. One of those was a lady from the Mahlaba area in the same valley where MaKhumalo hails. There had been no room for her in the pick-up taking the people to Tugela Ferry but in the Lord in His mercy healed her at the same time that the others were touched.


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