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Wonderful opportunities in a barren country - Bulgaria

John Powys and the team sponsored by Bethal N.G.Church have safely returned on 19 March 2004. They report that there were enormous opportunities for evangelism in a country devastated by centuries of oppression. The people in Bugaria are living in extreme poverty both materially and spiritually. In the large cities an effort is being made to preach the Gospel but in the smaller towns and villages the Gospel is unknown. People are hungry for the Good News of salvation from sin through the only Saviour Jesus Christ. Many people in the villages were encouraged by the visit to know that there are Christians in other parts of the world that remember them in their suffering. A number of people turned to the Lord and others recommitted themselves to serve Him wholeheartedly. They received hope when they were told and shown slides of the Lords work at Kwasizabantu and how revival starts with the individual and then grows into mighty rivers of living waters.

(click on thumbnails below to see full photos)

Pastor Michael and Casper on arrival at Sofia on 10 March 2004.
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Bulgarian Orthodox Church in Sofia
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First service with Gypsies in Trojan
DSC02285.JPG (62978 bytes)DSC02287.JPG (61377 bytes)

View from apartment window in Pavlikeni

DSC02299.JPG (62650 bytes)

Visit to orphanage near Levski
DSC02326.JPG (63642 bytes)    DSC02331.JPG (61960 bytes) Service with men in Dimcha village.   DSC02348.JPG (32555 bytes) Youth service in Batak village

DSC02362.JPG (24879 bytes) Sunday morning service in Shalom Church in city of LovechDSC02369.JPG (32017 bytes) Service in Pavlikeni Church

DSC02378.JPG (30900 bytes) Cigarettes being thrown into fire after service.DSC02388.JPG (35395 bytes) First and Third world in one country

DSC02400.JPG (27971 bytes) DSC02401.JPG (22148 bytes) Service in the Church in Levski DSC02442.JPG (30379 bytes) Last service in Pavlikeni.

DSC02444.JPG (35384 bytes) Meal and sharing with leaders of Pavlikeni Church on last night

(listen to some Bulgarian Tradition music)


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