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Visit to Brazil by Rev Peet Botha

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Rev Peet Botha, a co-worker at Kwasizabantu Mission, left on 15 October for a 2 week trip to Brazil, with Rev Fritz van der Merwe and his wife Nicky. Peet is due to return on 1 November. He is assisting the Muapula Mission which is mostly supported by five Dutch Reformed congregations from a city (Port Elizabeth) in South Africa.

About 10 years ago a mission station was started in the north of Mozambique. Four families from South Africa have moved there and work there, doing mission work among the Makua people. The Makua people is one of the most unreached peoples of the earth. There are approximately 5 million Makua of which only between 500 to a 1 000 are Protestant Christians.

The work at Muapula Mission has grown steadily and a school was started. Currently the school has children up to Grade 3/4. There is however a big problem with teachers. Mozambique has been ravaged by war over many years and schooling as well as the training of teachers has fallen apart totally. There is a great need for teachers in Mozambique. The principal of the school at Muapula is a Christian brother from South Africa and he is using two Makua teachers who are not properly trained.

They need teachers for this little school where the children are taught in Portugese. Rev Botha and Rev and Mrs van der Merwe will be presenting photos of the mission station and work in Muapula to Christian brethren in Brazil. They are hoping on teachers, young men and women, who would be prepared to go to Mozambique for 2 to 5 years to work as missionary teachers amongst the children at Muapula. These children have not had the privilege of education. In the process of teaching them, the Gospel - the work of our Lord Jesus Christ - can be shared with the children and they can be led to accept the Lord Jesus into their lives. The hope is that when they have grown up, they will be of value to their people and country.


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