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Youth Conference June 30 to 7 July 2008

"What is your hope?" Job 27:8

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* Final Service, Friday night. Erlo Stegen explained that the KZN taxi association has threatened a strike to block all traffic on Monday so we have had to change our transport arrangements and start early Saturday morning. He gave a closing service on purity, how to grow in the Lord and a few more points about the Ark of the Covenant. Jerusha from TLW spoke about inner purity.

* 4th July: a frank discussion about drugs, interactively with the youth

* 3rd July :Thursday Morning

Before Rev E. Stegen preached, Gcinephi gave in short her testimony:

While she was at school, she was a troublesome person. She loved relationships with boys. After she finished school she went to Johannesburg to study as a teacher. In Johannesburg she had relationships with married men.
After her studies, she got a job and worked for 1 year and 3 months. Then she started showing symptoms of a sickness. She was coughing, lost weight and had swollen glands. Her employer wanted her to go to the doctor. After some time she was told she had Aids. She was admitted to hospital and was close to dying. It was then that her mother took her to Kwasizabantu where she made her life right and was prayed for. Thereafter her glands burst open and pus came out.

She said, "I was in a wheelchair at that time and I started to pray whether the Lord would able me to walk again." The Lord helped her and she was able to walk again.
The last blood tests taken in 2008, showed that the virus was gone. "I am healed. I can stand here, because of God’s grace, fully healed."

Rev E. Stegen

2 Samuel 6

David wanted the ark back.
If God is not with us, what are we?

They took the ark to the house of a man who lived next to the border. This man had two sons, who were appointed to carry the ark back into Jerusalem. They put the ark on a wagon. Transported the ark as the Philistines had done. As the wagon went over an uneven road, the ark felt off. Uzzah reached out and took hold of the ark. God struck this man down.

David was feared because of what happened. "Lets rather stop and leave the ark in the house of Obed Edom," David said. Obed Edom and his household was blessed by the presence of the ark.
David realised that they had carried the ark like the Philistines had done. We are not supposed to put the ark on a wagon; but the Levites should carry the ark. If we do the work of God, we have to do it in the Lord’s way. Don’t copy others. Look at what the word of God says.

The Levites carried the ark and they went into Jerusalem without any problem. We must have the Ark with us; we must have God with us.

David was overjoyed when the ark came into Jerusalem and he wore a linen ephod and danced before the Lord with all his might.

If we come to the Lord and our sins are forgiven. It is a joy unimaginable!
Real Christianity is so wonderful.

Thursday Afternoon: Rev Bathman.After the sermon boys and girls were split up into two groups and given some straight talk about their sexuality etc.

* Rev Stegen: 2nd July 2008: click here for summary

* Rev Erlo Stegen: Tuesday morning  1 July 2008

The ark of the Lord

The ark of the covenant was symbolic of the presence of God among His people.  God said to Moses that He would speak to him at the ark of the covenant.

The ark was made by Moses in the desert out of the wood in the desert, of unattractive, thorny desert bushes.  This is symbolic of the total depravity of mankind, the way we have become, filled with all manner of unrighteousness.

It was covered in gold inside and outside.

Inside were the two stone tablets which God had given Moses on the mountain, with the Ten Commandments written on both sides.  That was the sign of the covenant.  God said that we would live or die, be blessed or be cursed by either obeying or disobeying those commandments.

This ark was kept in the holiest of holies in the temple where the high priest would only enter once a year, sprinkling blood.

Historical background

In the time of the high priest Eli, who was blunt spiritually and whose sons lived immoral, evil lives in the temple, the ark of the covenant was taken into battle in a desperate attempt to get some protection against the enemy.  But because Israel was living in sin, God wasn't with them and they were defeated.  The ark was taken to Philistine territory and put into their idol temple.

From that time the Philistines were plagued with diseases, boils and plagues, until they returned the ark to Israel.

Dealing with sin

It was because of condoning sin that God was no longer with Israel.  Remember that God sees every single sin and will bring it to light.  We need to confess and forsake all sin    "He who hides his sin, will not prosper, but He who confesses and forsakes his sin, will obtain mercy" (Prov 28:13).


A 19 year old girl was brought here for help, suffering from Bulimia and anorexia.  She got her life in order with the Lord and was prayed for, and God made her completely new.  When her parents came to fetch her a week later, they didn't even recognize her!  The glory of God was upon her.

God revealed different things to her, for example how the fear of man can bind one spiritually.  He also showed her the danger of listening to pop music and watching television, things which she liked doing.  She saw demons coming out of the radio and television and going into her.

She came again for a second visit during a Youth Conference some years ago, and was only busy with one thing, namely to get her life right and making sure that there was nothing standing between her and God.  She left here with a shining face, truly having been set free.

She died shortly afterwards in a car accident.  What comfort for her parents and family to know that she had made use of her opportunity to prepare herself to meet with God.

* 7pm 1 July: Rev Bill Bathman: What is your hope if you don't use your opportunity? The text being Prov 29:1"He, that being often reproved hardens his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy." Rev Bathman expounded on examples of people who missed their opportunities and those who used them. Each of us is faced with that same choice and, so, "what is your hope?". Everytime you hear the Gospel it is a reproof from God. How often haven't you listened to God's Word and resisted? Bathman then used examples of people in the Bible like Cain, Esau, Achan, Ananaias and Saphira, who had every opportunity, knew God's Word but their destroyed "without rememdy". A striking example he used was of a friend of his who gave a lift to a hitchhiking US serviceman. He spent 2 hours witnessing to the young man who said: "I've still got 50 years to make up my mind". The driver prayed with Uncle Bill in the hotel room that night. The next morning he rushed in with the newspaper. There had been a horrific accident. A car with 5 people had crashed into a petrol lorry. All the people in the car and the driver of the lorry were burnt beyond recognition. Except for one: the military "dog-tag" identified the name of the soldier. It was that same young man. He didn't have 50 years but was killed 45 minutes after his lost opportunity.
Choose Christ tonight. Repent of your sins and let Him be your Saviour.

* 3pm Testimonies (wonderful testimonies of the young people of their experiences with the Lord).

* 10am was morning service was taken by Rev Stegen with a continuation of Sunday's service about the the Ark of the Covenant.

* 7pm, 30 June: F.H. Stegen: "According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death." Paul made it clear what his hope was. What is your hope? Is it like the majority of the human race who seek after the things of this world, the momentary, temporal things of this life, like money, career, success, power? We read from 1Jn 3: 3 that "... every man that has this hope in him purifies himself, even as he is pure." So, if your hope is in the right place, in Christ, in things eternal you will be busy with being purified "even as Jesus is pure". Remember that people are watching your life. They are being influenced by your actions and your lifestyle. Thus, do as Paul did, let "Christ be magnified" in your body, whether in life or by death."


This is the first time in 18 years that we have had the Youth Conference in a tent again. Since the burning down of the Auditorium on 14 June 2008 (plans are already underway for its rapid reconstruction) we have had to erect a tent on the airstrip. It can only hold about 3 and a half thousand and we already have about that number with more on the way.

God has blessed us with brethren who have sent supplies, rice, vegetables and others food stuffs. We are blessed with with having Rev Erlo and Friedel Stegen and are very grateful that Rev Bill Bathman is available from 1 July till Sunday. Various youth leaders will be giving testimonies; discussions will be held about sexual abuse, drugs, and other issues of importance to young people. Of course, the major emphasis is the preaching of the Gospel and calling these children and teens to repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray that the Lord would work mightly by His Spirit.

A draft copy of the programme is available in Word format here.

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