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July 2003 Youth Conference

"The time is now…" – Eccl. 3:1-8; 2 Cor. 6:2; Deut. 30:19

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Photos of 8 July

8 July, morning - Rev Stegen preached from Deut 30:19. Each of us must choose whether we will follow God or Satan, choose life or death ... [more]

Photos of 7 July

7 July, evening - True Love Waits ... [more]

7 July, afternoon - Christians for Truth (CFT) and The Naked Truth about drugs and alcohol (TNT) each introduced themselves to the youth. Christians Hlongwane gave his testimony of how God delivered him from drugs, alcohol and a wrecked life at KwaSizabantu.

7 July, morning - Rev Stegen preached from Jer 10:23. Our lives are not our own, but belong to our Creator. Therefore, He will be our Judge, and require from us what we have done with the life He gave us ... [more]

Photos of 6 July

6 July, evening - Before the evening video of Sodom and Gomorrah, Rev Wilfred Mabizela challenged the youth to flee from the world to Calvary even as Lot had to flee from Sodom and Gomorrah.

6 July, afternoon - Several of the youth testified of God's working in their lives and changing their lives in the few days they attended the conference.

6 July, morning - Rev Stegen took the morning service from John 3:16 and Is 53:5 on God's great love for us ... [more]

Photos of 5 July

5 July, evening - Stefan from Open Doors shared of their work amongst the persecuted Christians, and showed the film "Stripes of the Zebra" ... [more]

5 July, afternoon - Sipho Zondi took the afternoon service from Prov 4:14... [more]

5 July, morning - Rev Stegen again urged those who have not yet surrendered to Christ, to do so without looking at their neighbours or friends ... [more]

Photos of 4 July

4 July, evening - Pastor Woest from Pretoria addressed the youth on the awful consequences of smoking. He had his vocal cords removed because of throat cancer caused by more than 30 years of smoking ... [more]

4 July, afternoon - Dumisani Makhoba witnessed how the Lord keeps those who put all their trust in Him ...[more]

4 July, morning - Rev Stegen preached from Deut 30:19 & 20, and challenged the youth to choose Christ and Life ... [more]

Photos of 3 July

3 July, evening - DFL warned the youth on the dangers of drugs, alcohol and an immoral lifestyle. Christ's power to forgive and deliver from sin is the only answer to us ...[more]

3 July, afternoon - Yolanda gave her testimony of how the Lord took her out of the world and called her into His work ...[more]

3 July, morning - Rev Erlo Stegen preached from 2Cor 6:2 ...[more]

2 July - Services are held for all the children present already. A video, 'David and Goliath', was shown in the evening. David's trust in God and the Israelites' support for David is a challenge for all Christians to be likeminded. It is our duty to pray for and support those who are in the thick of the battle against Satan's strongholds. [photos]

Preparation photos - 30 June 2003

Arrival & preparation photos - 1 July 2003 - Many arrived during the day and the dormitories are filling up.

More will be posted on this website including the list of speakers etc.

Click here for information about the previous Youth Conference.

(Here a clip of children singing in the auditorium)

This is the 29th year of abundantly blessed outreach to young people.


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