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Youth Week 7 - 13 Dec 2007
Reward or Regret

Fri 19:00, 7 Dec - Rev Friedel Stegen took the opening service and preached from Matt 16:27, "For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works." (To read more download the sermon as a Word doc or Openoffice doc)

Sat 10:00, 8 Dec - Rev Erlo Stegen preached from Hebrews 11:24 - 29. (To read more download the sermon as a Word doc or Openoffice doc)

Sat 15:00, 8 Dec - Testimony service. Many of the young people testified to what God had done in their lives and also challenged those who do not know God to put their trust in Him.

Sat 19:00, 8 Dec - Two DVD's were shown to the youth. The first was "When God comes down." in which Rev Erlo Stegen relates the story of the revival.
The second DVD was about how the Lord revealed Himself to an African Muslim. It is a dramatisation of a true story which relates the struggles and joys of a converted Muslim.

Sun 10:00, 9 Dec - Members of World Vision together with the National Director of World Vision came to visit the mission. They presented Rev Erlo Stegen as co-winner of the 2007 Bob Pierce award (named after Bob Pierce, World Vision's founder) for his work amongst the Zulu nation for the last 56 years, since he was 16 years old. World Vision, founded in the United States in 1950, is an international Christian relief and development organization whose stated goal is "working for the well being of all people, especially children." Working on six continents, World Vision is one of the largest Christian relief and development organisations in the world. World Vision believes witnessing from Christ is a fundamental part of their relief work. The organization believes that God, in the person of Jesus, offers hope of renewal, restoration, and reconciliation. World Vision seeks to express this message through "life, deed, word, and sign". World Vision's programs and services are provided without regard to race, ethnic origin, gender, or religion.

Rev Erlo Stegen shares the prize money of $10 000 (R70 000) with Dr Samuel Kamaleson, who co-founded and continues to lead the Bethel Agricultural Fellowship and the Friends Missionary Prayer Band in Southern India.

(Here is an text excerpt from the address by Prof Mlay from World Vision; or download mp3 here)

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(More info on World Vision can be found at the following websites:

Sun 14:30, 9 Dec - The deputy chairperson of the SAPS, Mr Sibisi addressed the youth. He spoke on the importance of mothers in raising their children for Christ. Mothers play a big role in a child's life. Men and women should work together in a family unit, which is the building blocks for a healthy country and economy.

Sun 19:00, 9 Dec - The so-called "Young Preachers" (a group of young people at the  mission's school, DSS who go out to preach the Gospel regularly) performed a touching play and showed the stark difference between those who live for God and those who live for the world and its pleasures.

Mon 10:00, 10 Dec - Rev Erlo Stegen continued to preach on the theme and elaborated in detail the full context of the word "Reward". We will all be rewarded according to our deeds whether they were good or evil ... (To read more download the sermon as a Word doc or Openoffice doc)

Tue 10:00, 11 Dec - Rev Friedel Stegen took the Tuesday morning service and exhorted the young people to make their lives right with God. God speaks to us in a language that we can understand. Many young people want to serve God when they are young, but as they become older they lose the fire of God because they want their own way. Look towards the reward at the end of your fleeting life and remain faithful to God.

Tue 15:00, 11 Dec - Reports from the youth leaders in the different areas.

Tue 19:00, 11 Dec - Jerusha Olsen presented True Love Waits to the youth and encouraged them to join the thousands of other young people who have made the same pledge to remain sexually pure till marriage.
The Khwezi drama department also had a stage play on the importance of being sexually abstinent before marriage and remaining faithful to your spouse within marriage.

Wed 19:00, 12 Dec - Rev Chauke took the evening service and urged the youth to come and kneel at the Cross to find forgiveness and deliverance from their sins. He used the "heart of man" pictures very effectively. Many young people responded to the altar call.

Thu 10:00, 13 Dec - Rev Chauke once again took the morning service and continued where he left off the previous evening. The heart of sin is pitch black, darkened by sin and ruled by satan. But when the light of God shines on the sin-filled heart the darkness cannot stand His light and has to flee and the heart becomes new.
The sinner meets with God at the cross. It is good to come to know God in your youth.

Thu 15:00, 13 Dec - Many young people spoke and gave thanks to God for what He did for them during these services. Some testified how they came with alterior motives but God overruled and they met with God in these days.

Thu 19:00, 13 Dec - Rev Erlo Stegen took the closing service from Matt 1:18 - 23. The matter of Christmas is great because God Himself came down to dwell among us and deliver us from our sin. Go during this Christmas period and tell people the true meaning of Christmas - that we rejoice because God gave us His greatest Gift. (To read more download the sermon as a Word doc or Openoffice doc)



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