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KwaSizabantu Youth Conference
1-7 Jul 2007

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Theme: "In His Footsteps"

The Youth Conference started today, 1 July, and thousands of young people have already arrived in their busloads. We thank God for the excellent turnout despite conflicting Provincial holidays and a national teachers strike which was only resolved at the end of this past week.

Sunday, 1 Jul 2007, 11.00: Rev Erlo Stegen took the opening service and preached from 1Kings 17:1-4. Elijah lived in an evil generation, together with evil politicians. Ahab ruled over Israel together with his wicked wife Jezebel who served Baal and tried to eradicate God's people. However, Elijah was an amazing man, on fire for God. He was absolutely single-minded and devoted to God. (more)

Sunday, 1 Jul 2007, 15.00 - P. Engelbrecht gave the first part of his testimony and challenged the youth to choose Christ as their Lord and Saviour. It is a matter of Eternal life or death.

Sunday, 1 Jul 2007, 19.00 - Film: The true story of an African boy named Mohammed. His father brought him up according to strict Muslim custom. One day he had a dream that troubled him very much. He dreamt that evil spirits tried to kill him, but a Shining Man delivered him from them. These dreams continued for a few nights in a row. During the last dream the Shining Man revealed Himself as the Prophet Isa, or as the Christians call Him, Jesus Christ. He told Mohammand that He alone was "the Way the Truth and the Life"; and "no one comes to the Father but through Me." Mohammand went to see a Christian in a neighbouring village and gave his life to Jesus Christ. His father rejected him and tried to kill him, but by God's grace he survived. When his father challenged him, "what can this Jesus give you which I cannot give you?" Mohammed replied respectfully, "Can you give me Eternal Life?" At this his father dropped his head and he started to realise Who Jesus was. When his father was on his deathbed, he called for Mohammed, asked his forgiveness and accepted Jesus as his Saviour too. (read more about this film and others like it here)

Monday, 2 Jul 2007, 10.00 - Rev Erlo Stegen preached from 1Kings 17:1 (Series on "Elijah walking in His footsteps" 2/5). Although we know nothing of Elijah's ancestry, yet he was a bright ray of light in one of the darkest periods of Israel's history. The evil king Ahab together with his wife Jezebel fought against the prophets of God and against the people of God. In stead of destroying them outright, God showed them mercy time and again through the clear preaching and life of Elijah. However they hardened their hearts and was eventually cut off.

Elijah was a man who obeyed God instantly. He did not write a book of the Bible, but his life was a clear testimony to the fact that the Lord was his God. He was ruled by heaven. He walked with God like Enoch before him and both of them were translated into heaven without seeing death. (Download mp3 here)

Monday, 2 Jul 2007, 15.00 - Patients from Emseni Care Centre gave testimonies of how the Lord had worked in their lives and healed their bodies as they confessed their sins. At the end of the service the youth came together in groups to discussed the problems facing them and to come up with solutions. They will report back the following day.

Monday, 2 Jul 2007, 19.00 - Film: Facing the Giants (read more on their website or at Wikipedia)

Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007, 10.00 - Rev J. Chauke preached from Luke 2:41- 51. Jesus was busy with the things of God. He was found in the temple not in the sins of the world. (more to come)
(Rev Chauke has had a miraculous recovery from a crippling car accident last year in which his sister died.)

Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007, 15.00 - Gideons Bibles and SAPS Community:
We had the privilege of receiving a visit from the GIDEONS.  The Gideons are Christian businessmen who love the Lord and who give Bibles to people, so that they can read the Word of God, meet with God and live according to God's Word. When the Youth Conference started, the young people were asked to lift up their Bibles in the service for us all to see, and there were only a few who had Bibles with them.  So we are very grateful to Mr Tim Biggs and Mr Koos Vorster from the Gideons who came all the way from Pietermaritzburg to present each young person with his / her own pocketsize New Testament.  
 Background: It was explained to the young people that the Gideons visit schools, prisons, hospitals etc. to give out Bibles.   The organisation started 106 years ago, and has been in Pietermaritzburg for 55 years.  Last year they gave out 65,000 New Testaments in schools in this area and thus far this year they have distributed 2 million of these Bibles to hospitals, prisons and schools.A short personal testimony and encouragement to read and live according to God’s Word, was given by the Gideons.
Giving out the Bibles: The young people were encouraged to keep these New Testaments in their pockets and read them and bring them along to the following conference in December.  The Testaments in Zulu, Sotho and Xhosa were distributed and received with much joy and gratefulness.  Many young people sat down immediately to write their names in front, to make sure that their New Testaments don’t get lost!

Mr B.J. Sibisi, the deputy chairperson of the South African Policing Forum, spoke to the children about crime, Christian values and being part of the solution. He then gave time for questions from the audience, which lasted about 45 minutes.

Tuesday, 3 Jul 2007, 19.00 - Drama "The Cleansing Blood". The young people of the Free State branch of Kwasizabantu staged a play about a disease whose only antidote was pure, uncontaminated blood of an only son. The play showed the love of the parents, their sacrifice of their only child, for a population devastated by a deathly plague. A commentary was given in by Nono, a co-worker from Smithfield. She explained that our plague is sin. It produces death. God the Father sent His only begotten Son to give his precious blood to wash us from our sins. No ancestral spirit can do this, only the blood of Jesus.
Rev Stegen closed the service with the text from Hebrews 9: 13 - 15 - "For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh: How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God? And for this cause he is the mediator of the new testament, that by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first testament, they which are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance."
Jesus' blood is blood divine. He was born of a virgin, had uncontaminated blood, and gave it all to save us. Let us receive His cleansing. No religion can do it - only His cleansing blood which is "more precious than silver or gold".

Wednesday, 4 Jul 2007, 10.00 - Rev Erlo Stegen continued his sermon from Sunday and preached from 1Kings 17:1 (Series on Elijah "Walking in His footsteps", 3/5). As we said last time, Elijah seems to be of a pagan background. There is not much said about his ancestry. Some commentators say the reference in 1Kings 17:1 to the "settlers of Gilead" probably makes Elijah a descendent of the Ishmaelites.
God used Elijah and told him exactly what he should do. After Elijah had told King Ahab (verse 1) that there would be neither dew nor rain "except by my word", God sent him away to a little stream, "the brook Cherith". God saw to his needs by commanding ravens to bring his sustenance. After a while the brook dried up and he wondered where he should go. The Lord does not send him to drink from the Jordan but instead sends him up north (where the drought and famine had also reached) and said "I have command a widow there to provide for you." This directive was against all logic: Zarephath of Sidon was a pagan Baal-worshipping area (God was also mocking the arrogant Jezebel who hailed from this area); drought and famine had devastated these areas; the widow and her son were on the verge of death. But we must walk in His footsteps (even if His leading defies logic). God faithfully provided for the widow, her son and Elijah. When her son became ill and died she was overwhelmed with grief and bitterness. She accused Elijah and His God of avenging her past sins. So, Elijah reminded her of her sinful state. The Lord showed mercy even in this situation. He dealt with her sin problem and raised her son up from the dead.
Let us call on Him who commanded the ravens and the widow, who forgives sin and provides for the destitute. Let us "walk in His footsteps".

Wednesday, 4 Jul 2007, 15.00 - P. Engelbrecht continued his tesimony of how God showed mercy to him and saved him. He also challenged the youth to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, 4 Jul 2007, 19.00 - Rev Joseph Chauke took the evening service. Daniel's three friends stood for the Lord from when they were young. They decided that they would not defile themselves. When they became older and defied the king's command to worship his idol, God rescued them from the king's wrath and the fiery furnace. Jesus Himself was with them in the flames and saved them. May God also find young people among us who would choose to serve God from their youth with all of their hearts.

Thursday, 5 Jul 2007, 10.00 - Rev Erlo Stegen continued his message on "Elijah walking in His footsteps", 4/5.

Thursday, 5 Jul 2007, 15.00 - CFT / TLW

Thursday, 5 Jul 2007, 19.00 - Rev Erlo Stegen took the official closing service of the Youth Conference and concluded the series "Elijah walking in His footsteps", 5/5 - Download mp3 here. (Due to the Nationwide public sector workers strike in South Africa, it has only recently been confirmed that the South African schools will now open on Monday 9 July. The Youth Conference has therefore been shortened.)

Friday, 6 Jul 2007, 10.00 - P. Engelbrecht preached from 2Tim 2:19, "Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity." There are three "G"s the people of the world strive after, Girls / Guys, Gold and Glory, or as we read in 1John 2:16, "the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life." These things are not of God but are of the world.

There are also three things children of God strive after:

  • Faith and Obedience
  • Scripture and Prayer
  • Witnessing for Christ

Do not neglect these things as a new Christian and as a more mature Christian, so that you may grow in the Lord.


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