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10 Day Trip to Mozambique - KSB & CCE
(report on departure of team here)

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The following brief report is written by Dr Ilsa Vermaak, about the Mozamabique trip made by Cedar College of Education trip with Kwasizabantu, 22 September - 2 October 2005: (for a Word version, with photos, click here)

We have returned safely from a very blessed outreach to  Mozambique. We visited one of our Kwasizabantu co-workers, Carlos Vilancoulos. It is really out "in the sticks". He lives in the Simbie area,  between the towns Massinga and Vilankulo, in the north-eastern part of the province Inhambane. It was strengthening to see what the Lord has already done through one person who is faithful, though he has very little and the circumstances are tough. The congregation still meets under a tree, the roads are poor, he does not have a wife or an income, has adopted 6 orphans, live from the veldt and by faith, yet the work is growing!

Coming from Africa myself, I did not have full understanding of the difficult circumstances under which Carlos is working. Marxist ideology and the war has had a devastating effect on the infrastructure, economy and a whole generation who know nothing about God. Although the Government is currently attending to the main road in the south, it has reached only as far as Xai-Xai. Further north the road has more pot holes than tar, so to say. At many places it is better to drive next to the road! The last 100 km to Carlos' place took us more than 3 hours because of the condition of the road.

Together with six CCE students, we could visit 7 schools; a departmental official accompanied us every day. The schools vary from war-torn buildings,  reed and palm structures, to classrooms under a tree. We were allowed to present TLW to all the schools and we sang and taught them Christian choruses. At one stage we drew a Cross on the black board - people did not know what the meaning was; one pupil suggested that it represents prayer. We gave soccer balls away as a gift to the schools and we realised that by donating even the most basic resources, doors open for future visits and make people more willing to listen to your message, though one is not officially allowed to preach the Gospel. We came back spiritually strengthened, appreciating the abundance we all have and with a prayer that God will send people in His harvest.

God willing, we plan a follow-up visit in January, to help, amongst other things, digging another well for drinking water at Carlos' place.

We have traveled about 4000 km - various farmers supported the outreach by providing finances, 4x4 vehicles and outdoor equipment. All honour and glory to God who made this possible and kept us from harm, injuries and malaria! We pray that the tiny seeds of love will bear much fruit. 

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Songs taught to school children in Mocambique dsc03688.jpg (141342 bytes) Songs taught to school children in Mocambique dsc03628.jpg (168706 bytes) Petrol station
dsc03706.jpg (158265 bytes) Government official presented with gift dsc03710.jpg (154228 bytes) Primary school dsc03629.jpg (128812 bytes)
Market dsc03535.jpg (187706 bytes) Market dsc03543.jpg (185430 bytes) School
dsc03547.jpg (173136 bytes) Sunday service at Carlos' house - still planning to build a church dsc03549.jpg (125352 bytes) The six CCE students who went along and helped dsc03558.jpg (189138 bytes)
Music at church - the first time some here such music dsc03560.jpg (196336 bytes) Teaching the local children Christian songs dsc03598.jpg (171653 bytes) Water well near Carlos' home - still planning to build a proper one
dsc03620.jpg (129427 bytes) Water well dsc03626.jpg (175171 bytes) TLW presentation dsc04013.jpg (152039 bytes)
Fresh bread (called pao's) from bakery dsc04055.jpg (220569 bytes) School under the trees dsc04058.jpg (147530 bytes) Planned spot for church building
dsc04087.jpg (154817 bytes) Toilets 100_2377.jpg (159692 bytes) Heavy-duty toilet 100_2487.jpg (148400 bytes)
Main street - Masinga, Mocambique Testimonies Meeting teachers at school


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