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January/February 2003 - Team leaves to Mozambique

(Click here for information about previous trips to Mozambique)

Report back, 11 Febr 2003

7 February: The team will leave for Malelane in Mpumalanga, tomorrow and hold services there for 2 days, the Lord willing.

6 February: 5 services were held today. In one service about 2000 people attended and many remained behind to seek the Lord. The team will continue tomorrow to Dr Pieter Ernst at Chokwe.

4 February: The team travelled over very poor roads from 5:30am yesterday morning and only arrived at Massengena at 1:00am this morning. A service was held at 2 in the afternoon for local ministers and a meeting for the community this evening. They will then spend two nights in Mapai.

2 February 2003: - The services have been going well. Tomorrow morning at 6am, Lord willing, they will travel 16 hours to Massengena

1 February 2003: - (In a brief satellite phone call we were told by the team: "It is going very well with no problems so far. The team members are all well. They have had three meetings: one at Carlos and the other two at places about an hour from there, Mokwakwa and Chipanela (which means 'spanner'). They also showed films and the small brassband and mouth organ band played. The people really enjoyed this as they do not see it in the rural areas. Overall the response was good and many people attended the meetings."

29 January 2003: After arriving safely in Maputo the team slept at the Igreja Reformada de Mocambique in Machava just outside Maputo. They travelled for some hours to get to KSB's co-worker, Carlos in Inhambane Province. They had a blessed service last night and will continue ministering there for 6 days before they continue with their trip to the North West.

27 January 2003: The team left at the crack of dawn from Kwasizabantu. Everything was packed tightly into the 2 Landrovers, including medical supplies (for malaria and other tropical diseases), gas (for cooking), satellite phone (for emergency communications) and piles of food supplies and water. They should reach Maputo by tonight.
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Introductory information: A team of 8 leave 5am on Monday 27 January 2003, for a two week trip to Mozambique. More information and photos will follow.

The team consisting of : Manfred Ludwig, Thomas Maphanga, Michael Ngubane, Dries van Tonder, Frans Huber, Ernst Heckel, Japie Fouche and John Powys will leave at 05:00 on 27th January from KSB.

The first night will be spent at Igreja Reformada de Mocambique in Machava just outside Maputo.

The following day we will arrive at Carlos' place where we will stay for 6 nights. Services will be held in three different places in that area.

On Monday 3rd the team will proceed to Massengena, a days journey to the north west, this area is experiencing severe drought and famine. The team will be two days there and then proceed to Mapai which is a small village on the Limpopo river, both these places are very poor and suffering from drought and famine.

After two days at Mapai the team will enter South Africa right at the northern tip of the Kruger park and drive through the park to the mission at Malelane where we will also have services for the weekend.

God willing we should be back on Monday 10th February

They request prayer support.


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