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Outreach to Mozambique, 14 - 20 Mar 2007

On 14 Mar 2007 a team (Michael Ngubane, Thomas Maphanga and Andries van Tonder) left from KwaSizabantu for Mozambique. The team from KwaSizabantu joined with the team from Malelane (John Powys, Tom and Japie Fouche) the next day.

In Mozambique we held services near the home of Carlos Vilanculos. Carlos has been working amongst his people since 2001 and by God's grace there are already three small congregations with preachers in different locations. Those that became Christians are determined to follow the Lord and make their lives right.

Carlos told us of a witch doctor who became mentally ill (he had been practicing witchcraft for over 50years) and came to him for help. His feet were very sore and infected so that he could not walk. After he heard the Gospel he decided to follow Christ, confessed his sins, parted with his drinking and burnt down his witchcraft hut. He also brought his witchcraft instruments to be burnt. He was set free completely and was healed mentally as well. His feet were healed too and he could walk again.
After some time he went back to his drinking and his old sicknesses returned. He became mentally ill, behaving like a mad person and could no longer walk.
He tried to go to Carlos for help but saw spirits in the form of people blocking his way time and again vowing to kill him. He cried to Jesus for help and eventually after many days was able to reach Carlos. There he once again confessed his sin and parted from his drinking. The Lord was gracious once again and set him free and healed him.
While we were there we received a request from him that we would also hold a service at his home together with his family, to which we readily agreed. Before we left we talked with him once again and encouraged him to walk steadfastly in God's way. He expressed his thankfulness and gratitude that we came and that Jesus set him free.

Many of the other people also expressed their determination to follow the Lord and rejoiced in what the Lord had already done for them.

Carlos experience more and more resistance from those that reject the Gospel. He asks for prayer.

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Service at the home of the ex-witchdoctor. (He is the person sitting in the middle of the picture). dscf0056.jpg (132972 bytes) On the way to another service. dscf0057.jpg (131482 bytes) Service at one of the congregations. John Powys preaches and Carlos translates
dscf0062.jpg (128729 bytes) Service dscf0040.jpg (134507 bytes) Service. Michael Ngubane preaches and Carlos translates dscf0041.jpg (116627 bytes)
Service Carlos' Land Rover Carlos' house



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