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Outreach Khabos district in Lesotho

A small group from Smithfield went on an outreach to Khabos during the 3rd to the 10th of January. Khabos is a district in Lesotho near Butha Buthe and is situated near the beginning of the Drakensberg mountains. It is a very beautiful area and at some places reminds one of Switzerland with the tall mountains either side and the goats that walk and graze high up in the mountains.

Mme Lilian Kopano organized all the meetings. Some meetings were not arranged beforehand, yet she prayed and God showed her everyday were to go.

Every time we would get to a village, we would go to the chief (Morena) and then Moruti Fako, a minister from Oraphele Assembly in Maseru, would put our request forward according to the custom in Lesotho. Every time the chief agreed and allowed us to talk to the chief’s people.

A farmer made it possible to make use of his Land Rover. We traveled where the local people said a 4X4 cannot travel. One man after a service stood up and said, he saw us traveling on Sunday up the mountain, and he could see that God is with those people. Two ministers commented that it was a supernatural gift from God after they observed where the 4X4 took us. May God bless the farmer for his willingness that we could use the vehicle.

  • Saturday (03/01/04):
    After three minutes upon arrival the first people already waited for counseling. We then visited people who longed to see Rev. Gideon. One teacher together with her class of small children, prayed for months that Rev. Gideon would come to them. When she opened the door she invited us in and we all sat down. She has never seen Rev. Gideon, however when she found out it was he, she held her mouth and her eyes were filled with tears as she realized that her prayers had been answered.
  • Sunday (04/01/04)
    We went to Nkopa, a remote village right on top of a mountain. The distance traveled from the base to the top of the mountain was about 8km and it took an hour and fifteen minutes to reach it. Most of the time there was no road, just rock, huge boulders and extremely rough terrain. As we asked for directions, a man told us vehicles don’t go up there. By God’s grace we made it up without any major problems, just losing a lot of sweat. We had a wonderful time there. One of the Ntate’s commented that usually they are left out when visited by people or the government. This time however they didn’t hear first from other villages that we were first there at their villages but that first went to them. They really appreciated it.
    We also in the afternoon visited a witchdoctor whom Rev. Gideon made friends with more than eight years ago. She is the mother in law of Mme Kopano.
    Late afternoon the chief’s daughter came for counseling.
  • Monday (05/01/04)
    We visited several people in Khabos. During lunch Moruti Fako arrived from Maseru and he joined us the rest of the week. He is over seventy but still full of life and a real blessing! In the afternoon we went to a remote village, about an hours drive from Khabos. The village was called Pensi and Rev Gideon said it looked very similar to Switzerland. It was very beautiful there. The chief was so glad to meet us and after the testimony of Rev Gideon, the chief spoke words of wisdom and it was evident that he was familiar with the Scriptures.
  • Tuesday (06/01/04)
    We visited early this morning World Vision’s devotion and prayer time. It is an organization that helps with the development of the area. It focuses on the spiritual side of the people and their physical well being. Rev Gideon shared out of Titus 2:16-18 and the director and the people had an overwhelming response. They called us back in after we’ve initially greeted, and gave us gifts! They gave us a t-shirt and a cricket hat with their emblem and logo printed on it. They said that today we’ve become true brothers and sisters and friends and partners in the Lord. It was a real blessed time.
    Then we went off to the National park and looked at the conference area for a potential special meeting that can be held for the chiefs Lord willing.
    The next village was Khanore that again tested the Land Rover, however the Lord helped us get over the impossible terrain and arrived at the village. The place of meeting in the village is under a very old apricot tree that stands in a small clearing in the village. One person asked how you know your sins are truly forgiven and another asked is the worship of ancestors wrong. The people asked addresses and thanked us for visiting them and sharing God’s Word.
    On our way back to camp, we visited two very old friends that we hadn’t seen in eight years, they attended services back then, and they were overjoyed to see the familiar faces.
  • Wednesday (07/01/04)
    This morning we visited a village called Motsuare. When we arrived a court case was underway next to the kraal. The queen of another village came and set her case before this village. Seemingly she asked a man to do something for her, since she is the wife of the chief, however he refused and didn’t obey. He had all kinds of excuses and the men at the court case even stopped him while he was making excuses, telling him to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ nothing more. In the end he was caught out. But the way in which they dealt with this case, is to be very much respected, it was an example in which leaders and elders are to be respected.
    Afterward we went to tla Seetsa, this village had one of worst roads we had to travel on. When we told them which way we took to get there, a man shivered.
    There lived a young man who had a dream. In the dream he asked Mme Lilian who is the leader of the mission that started in Lesotho. In his dream she answered it is Gideon. He awoke and wrote the name down. Some time passed and he met with her telling her of this dream. When she heard the name Gideon, she was amazed, because he has never heard or seen Gideon.
  • Thursday (08/01/04)
    We drove to Leribe, a town that is about 30km from Khabos to meet the principle chief of the whole area. The old chief died and then in the same year his son whom succeeded him also died. Now it is the daughter-in-law who is the Mafumahadi or Queen. She is still very young, and her mother-in-law is assisting her. We spoke with the mother and she agreed to a service for all the chiefs in the whole district. We thank the Lord for such a wonderful opportunity.
    We then went to a village called Kotanyane that’s across the river. Up to then it had been raining a lot even through the night, however it never delayed or interfered with the services held outside. We had to go through a flooding river. The water came up to the door handles of the vehicle, but made it safely through and up the mountain in the mud. We had real blessed time with the children of the village. When we returned, they ran all the way back with us up to the river.
    We looked at property that if it is the Lord’s will, could be ideal property to start a mission.
    We visited Motsware and had a real blessed time there, the people were so overjoyed and thanked us for coming. Then we went to a house were the girl is a teacher at the school of Mme Lilian. She wanted to visit Smithfield. The reason that she gave to her father for permission to come to Smithfield was that she wants to repent and learn how to be a true Christian. We were amazed.
  • Friday (09/01/04)
    We went again to Pensi right up in the mountains and had a real blessed time. Afterward even the chief preached to his people. They were so happy to see us. On our way back we visited Kota and had a service for the children. They listened so attentively in the open sun standing the whole time.
    The afternoon the local chief together with his whole family visited us and we had supper together. It was a real time of making friends. The chief agreed to attend the evening service which was held every night through the week. Rev Gideon gave his testimony. The chief was twice called to go out, but he just shook his head vigorously and listened further to the service. When he walked out he had tears in his eyes.
  • Saturday (10/01/04)
    We went again to Seetsa village and had a wonderful time there. It was raining but the people gathered with their umbrellas on the porch of the queen’s house. When the service started the rain stopped, and by the end of the service the sun was shining. Throughout the week we distributed the heart booklets and also here the people received with open hands. We drove then to Maseru to meet with Moruti Fako who returned on Friday. He took us to try and meet the king of Lesotho at his private residential house where there is not so much red tape. Unfortunately the king requested that make an appointment since he was not in good health.

Then we returned after having a very full week, and our hearts are also full of the wonders God has done. What an awesome privilege to be there were God is working and not missing out because on his wonders and working. May God receive all the glory honor and praise for what He has done.


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