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Services in Phuthaditjhaba at Qwaqwa
22 - 23 Nov 2003

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(hill Qwaqwa meaning "whiter than show")

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Phuthaditjhaba - translated means "The meeting place of nations." The snow, in winter and sometimes during summer, on the peaks surrounding this region led the ancient San people to call it Qwa Qwa (whiter than white). The team from Kwasizabantu Mission (Thomas Maphanga, Bruno Hlongwane and John Hlongwane ) went to hold services for 2 days, 22 -  23 November

This was organized by Shadrack Mile who earlier this year visited a camp that was held in Smithfield - one of the Kwasizabantu branches . He was moved when he heard the services. That created a desire in his heart to work closely with Kwasizabantu in his area. He was advised to visit the Mission in KwaZulu Natal where he stayed for 3 weeks. He said that this was the revival they needed in his area and among his people.

Services were held at an Old-age and Disability Center, Thekolohelong. There were about 100 people who attended these services, some of whom came from the local churches. We told of how God worked among the Zulus in 1966 and how this Gospel had reached our hearts. Mr. Mothibe who welcomed us in this Center mentioned that it was a great thing we did to visit these people. At times they feel neglected because nobody visits them. He repeatedly mentioned that we should come at any time to bring the Gospel and the doors would always be open for the Gospel.

On Saturday afternoon we visited Leratong Orphanage Center. At this Center there were about 130 children together, from 0 - 18 years of age. Mr. Jacobs who took us around told us that there is such a great need for the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus to reach these children. He mentioned that some were picked up from the shopping complex. They cannot find the parents of these children. Some do maybe have a mother or a father, while most of them do not have either a father or a mother. Many where so happy to see us. A little girl of about a year old was waving at us from her small room. These children are longing to be loved by someone. Mr. Jacobs asked for the team to visit these children in the New Year to teach them about Our Lord Jesus.

This beautiful area at the foot of the Drakensburg mountains has hundreds of houses and thousands of people that need the Gospel. Shadrack hopes to organize meetings in the Schools, Colleges, Churches and University next year.

We can only thank the Lord  for the Gospel that we received through the Revival, and that we can take this Gospel to other Nations. Let the Glory and Honour be His forever.

bruno_with_one_disabled.JPG (66330 bytes) children_playing_leratong.JPG (119708 bytes) childrens_mr_jacobs.JPG (75953 bytes)
Bruno with disabled lady disabled.jpg (91449 bytes) Children playing at Leratong Children's Home formation_at_phuthaditjhaba.JPG (46623 bytes) Mr Jacobs who invited us
group_disabled_and_other_christians.JPG (97105 bytes) Disabled lady hill_qwa_qwa2.JPG (74304 bytes) A formation at Phuthaditjhaba hill_qwaqwa_whiter_than_snow.JPG (73722 bytes)
Group of Christians at the Home for the Disabled john_with_orphan.JPG (132439 bytes) The hill Qwaqwa, meaning "whiter than snow" leratong_children.JPG (76909 bytes) Closer view of hill Qwaqwa
leratong_children_home.JPG (106724 bytes) John with an orphan leratong_children2.JPG (89906 bytes) Leratong Children orphan_child.JPG (79630 bytes)
Leratong Children's home phuthaditjhaba_with_drakensberg.JPG (48036 bytes) More Leratong children pray_at_service.JPG (68304 bytes) Orphan child waving
service_old_age_disabled.JPG (73000 bytes) Phuthaditjhaba sign with Drakensberg in the background service_old_age_disabled.JPG (73000 bytes) Prayer at service shardrach_mile.JPG (117264 bytes)
Service for the elderly and disabled Shardrach_mili.JPG (89357 bytes) Service for the elderly and disabled staff_member_thekolohelong.JPG (81717 bytes) Mr Shadrach Mile
Mr Shadrach Mile Staff member of Thekolohelong


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