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Outreach to Tweeling, SA
6 - 12 October 2003

Two teams joined together in Tweeling, a small town in the Northern Free State that lies between Reitz and Frankfurt. Both teams from KwaSizabantu, (Bruno Hlongwane, Richard Cebekhulu, Charlotte Theron), and the team from Smithfield, (Gideon Jacobs, Lelani Magase, Anthonie Kruger, Kiti Khantse, Lydia Magase, Xoliswa Magase) left in the early morning hours on Monday the 6th of October.

Martha Mabekwane once again organized the meetings in the area, she is a nurse in the hospital at Reitz. However she had great assistance from Piet and Heleen Liebenbergh, two elderly people with a history of mission work and a passion to win souls for Christ. Three team members stayed with them and they climbed right into the hearts of those that stayed there. The other team members stayed in the school hostel. They shared the bedrooms of the children, some of the children had to move out into other rooms. Also there the children and the team members got to know each other and a close friendship was established. The outreach in the Tweeling district lasted from the 6th of October to the 12th of October. The area is extremely dry and rain is very scarce. Many Farmers have lost most and some even all their veld to fires. It is very difficult for them. The town is very small and there is not a single robot, yet the people are as much in darkness as those in the big cities are. About 42 services were held and the total audience of all the meetings combined was about 7500 people, this includes schools and venues that were visited more than once; the total then is about 2700 people. The response was such a blessing. The hearts of the people were so open and receptive, many heard this message of the Gospel for the first time. It was such a privilege to observe how the Lord prepared the hearts long before and to realize that we are but instruments in His hands to do what He wills.

The main services where held each night in the community hall in the township. It started at 18:00 and finished at about 21:00. It was a rare thing to see white people also attending the services in the black township. But they were blessed and through the week we became close friends. The hostel children really didn’t have much light and they don’t know of any better. They received the messages with open teachable hearts, and listened attentively each time, no mocking or rebellion was observed and some came to talk in private or just wanted to know more. By the end of the week they walked out of their own to the services in the township, they didn’t go to the taverns or other places, but came to listen to God’s Word just as they are. They didn’t get bored and even had their own choir to sing for us all, with really good talent. One boy, 9 years old, after he saw the film ‘Burning Hell" he immediately walked over to his friends and openly apologized for living a bad life, because he "doesn’t want to go to hell". From that time he chose one of the team members to sit next to at every service; he had a new companion. Throughout all the services the people and those in charge expressed gratitude for the messages they heard, and longed for more.

A few reverends also attended the meetings; good friends have been made. It is not always easy for them and they need prayer.

The Dutch reformed church made us feel at home and they had a special meal prepared for us, upon which thanks and gifts were given to us. A few tears were shed and we realized that we must part only hoping that we would meet again in this life, but if not, in the life to come.

It was indeed a privilege to be part of the team and to see, observing in real life how God is working in the hearts of people.

On behalf of the team we thank the Lord Jesus and all involved who made it possible. May The Lord receive all the honor and glory for the work there in Tweeling.


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Origin of "Tweeling", meaning "Twin"



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