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Outreach to Brits, SA
18 - 20 September 2003

These services were arranged by Gert van Rensburg and his family who felt the need to share the Gospel with the workers and their families on his farm and those neighbours who wanted to come.

The services started on Sunday evening where the Jesus film was shown; about 400 people attended.

On Monday we started with services for children from Langplaas and other neighbouring farms.

Approximately 100 children attended and two services were held in the morning and then a question service in the afternoon. The children responded well with very important questions such as, ‘ Who is this Jesus?’ ‘ Why did they crucify Him?', 'what did He do wrong?’ ‘ How does God forgive sins?’ ‘ Why do you say that He is the Saviour?’

When we asked the children who had Bibles with them, no one had a Bible; when asked who had one at home only about 5 out of 100 possessed a Bible. One lady asked if we had a Bible in Shangaan; we did not, but had one in Tsonga. She could read Tsonga and when the Bible was given to her she fell on her knees as she received it to show her heartfelt gratitude. Many of the older children who could read were given Gideons New Testaments and it was a joy to teach them how to use the New Testaments and how to find the different books.

In the evenings we showed the Burning Hell as well as a video on Aids. When we preached the Gospel we taught them the basics of who Jesus is and what His death and resurrection means to us today. We also touched other issues such as drugs and alcohol, music and sexual purity. It was surprising to find that farm children knew about drugs such as Cocaine and Mandrax. On the last day we preached at the Christian Academy in Brits; this was an wonderful opportunity to share the wondrous works of our Lord with the young people. That evening the farmers and their families were invited to a presentation on Rock music, Drugs and Body piercing and mutilation. These are very controversial issues today but the reaction was largely positive. Our work there ended with an invitation to come again on a regular basis because of the need of follow up work.


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