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Food help for local Community - 7 January 2010

Of the most important projects at Kwasizabantu Mission is growing food! The mission does not do fundraising and has concentrated on seeking the Lord in prayer for all needs, and at the same time, doing "with our might our might what our hands find to do" (as is so apt in the Hymn "To the work...". A large quantity of the food which we serve to about 1200 people at every meal, is grown on Kwasizabantu mission property (about 320 hectares). Surplus food is sometimes handed out to the people who live close by. On the 7th January 2010 the mission was able to give large quantities of cabbages and potatoes to those who came to fetch for themselves.

More importantly, there are various ongoing projects to help educate rural communities to grow food for themselves (see an example here). This has been very successful and is far more sustainable than "handouts". Just 2 km from the mission a group of ladies has been thrilled to reap their own vegetables from a patch of land that has always been barren. (more on this may be shared on this website later)

And even more imortantly, Kwasizabantu spreads the free Good News of salvation in Christ, wherever and to whoever. The Gospel is our message and with it comes the blessings of the Lord. While we avoid the unbiblical extremities of "wealth, health and prosperity", we also emphasize that the Bible promises blessings on those who obey the Lord, as commanded in Deut 28 and other passages.


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