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Slides of Kwasizabantu Mission as an example of Sustainability (presented at Missions Fest)

(to read the document explaining these photos click here)

01_elementary_vegs.jpg (130254 bytes)   02a_chickens_malelane.jpg (102362 bytes)   02b_for_1000chicks2003.jpg (142445 bytes)
  3c_mill_in_action.jpg (99284 bytes) a maize mill at Malelane mission. Basic machinery, people bring their grain and pay a small amount to have it milled. This brings in financial help for the missions needs. 03b_cooking_class_checking_mill.jpg (120912 bytes)  
04_honey_malelane.jpg (108073 bytes) honey hives work well in some mission areas.   08_paw_paws_do_not_grow_at_ksb_but_other_warmer_places.JPG (91054 bytes) Paw-paws grow well at Malelane but not at KSB   09_poverty_rural.JPG (85585 bytes) only the Gospel can change hearts and deal with the root cause of poverty
  14_aids_reality1.JPG (62282 bytes) The reality of Aids, poverty and death is part of the mission field. Kwasizabantu helps with distributing aid to orphans and has a hospice (Emseni Care Clinic) for the dying. 15_aids_reality2.JPG (50955 bytes)  
16aids_reality3.JPG (67428 bytes)   17aids_reality4.JPG (76238 bytes)   18aids_reality5.JPG (47500 bytes)
  19aids_reality6.JPG (84062 bytes)   19b_face_of_aids_2004.JPG (79548 bytes)  
20aids_reality7.JPG (82789 bytes) The reality of Aids is all around us. To do something about it, KSB aims to change the heart,
and their living conditions.
21a_emseni.JPG (100570 bytes)Emseni Care Clinic is a type of hospice, & is
being expanded for another 75 beds
  05 _free_chickens.jpg (121000 bytes)
  06_low_tech_chickens.JPG (65251 bytes) you can keep free
range chickens, or build,
chicken homes, as in the next 2
02a_chickens_malelane.jpg (102362 bytes) You could leave chickens to roam around (organic chickens?) or choose to put them under a roof (as on the left and bottom left)
02b_for_1000chicks2003.jpg (142445 bytes)   10bakery_malelane_june2007_700perday.JPG (144515 bytes)at Malelane a small bakery has been set up to help sustain the mission   11jam_production.jpg (83202 bytes)
  12jam_close-up.jpg (80156 bytes) Jam production is low-tech and is easy to teach to other missions 13jam_mixing_bhece.jpg (77852 bytes)  
21a_low_tech_milking.jpg (70238 bytes)we could stick with low-tech milking, but it can become a viable commercial option as it has at KSB   22bonle_one_litre.JPG (42097 bytes) yoghurt   23bonle_improved_equip.JPG (100150 bytes)
high tech milk processing
  25bonle_high_tech_fruit_juice.JPG (75303 bytes)   26yoghurt_bonle.jpg (88552 bytes)


30pasta_machine_preparing_pasta.jpg (72587 bytes) pasta production
a small but immensely popular project
31pasta_packing.jpg (72925 bytes)   32pasta_veronica_manager.JPG (66823 bytes)
  34pottery_wheel.jpg (70223 bytes) pottery is another basic skill which can be learned & passed on to others 35pottery_finished.jpg (97206 bytes)  
36weaving_karen_spinning.jpg (89853 bytes) weaving skills, a small project, but very useful and can be used to train others 37weaving_mary.JPG (91894 bytes)   38weaving_skills_passed_on.JPG (93161 bytes)
  39wood_word_essential_for_missions.JPG (88857 bytes) woodwork is an essential part of any mission 41sawmill1.jpg (118191 bytes) how would we manage without the dedication of people like Uncle Robert Maeder?
42sawmill2.jpg (103743 bytes)   43sawmill3.jpg (87846 bytes)   44a_bakery_100_loaves_onehour.JPG (65605 bytes)
  46bakery_increased_confectionary_dept.jpg (70134 bytes) a bakery for bread and confectionary is a great help to the mission 47bakery_rolling_dough.jpg (64209 bytes)  
48bakery_spritz_kuchen.jpg (93851 bytes)   49avotrees1.JPG (160407 bytes) avocado pears are one of the bigger projects, for export, and sale on South African markets 50avos_sorted_older_machines.JPG (73727 bytes)
  52avos_jobs.JPG (74247 bytes)   53avos_ladies_high_tech.JPG (77534 bytes)  
55avos_export.JPG (49209 bytes)   51avos_huts_etc.JPG (78533 bytes) more mature avocado trees below the 55 huts   56bavos_new_machines.JPG (97326 bytes)
  58aluminium_windows.jpg (88004 bytes) you didn't know we had an aluminium and glass factory? 57aluminium_windows2.jpg (76603 bytes)  
60creche_1.jpg (88656 bytes) all missions have little children 61creche_4.jpg (84284 bytes) new creche being built to the right 62new_creche_under_construction.JPG (86986 bytes)

plumbing is essential. Kai and his team have more than enough work cut out for them

63plumbing_important_for_mission.JPG (81943 bytes)   64a_peppers_reaping_7months.JPG (144347 bytes)  
64b_hothouses11_packed.JPG (121946 bytes) sweet peppers (capsicum) is an enormous project and it provides jobs for many, for the mission, and financial help for KSB 65peppers_new_storage.JPG (71251 bytes)   66peppers_multi_coloured.JPG (77583 bytes)
  67peppers_high_tech_hydroponics.JPG (129079 bytes)   68shop_can_sell_own_products_too.JPG (89880 bytes) The mission shop can sell its own produce as well as other products to the whole neighbourhood.
69shop_for_whole_community.JPG (113968 bytes)   70shop_fresh_local_produce.JPG (82238 bytes) we live in a time where we need to source all possible means of energy. Solar power, is used, generators (when Eskom does "load shedding") and we're looking into other types. 71solar_panel_various_sources_of_energy.JPG (92548 bytes)

We live close to extremely poor areas. Assistance, in the form of food, clothing and medical help, goes along with preaching the Gospel.

79a_granny_orphans.JPG (137110 bytes)   79b_rags_2004.JPG (92109 bytes)  
71eyes_mal_2004.JPG (71489 bytes)   70feeding aids orphans.JPG (83780 bytes)   74medical_help_mal_2004.JPG (92593 bytes)
  75crowd_outside.jpg (77065 bytes)crowds at Malelane youth conference they also need to be fed 76crowds_eating.jpg (80220 bytes)  
78dish.jpg (122290 bytes)   79clothing_for_poor.JPG (101351 bytes)   80care.jpg (113438 bytes) loving care

building continues all the time, at the mission

81building_continuously.JPG (92188 bytes)   82building_with_voluteers.JPG (106413 bytes)  
86water_bottling.JPG (122112 bytes) water bottling   95_ehstegen.JPG (144170 bytes) Erlo Stegen & some of the co-workers 96_some_ksb_coworkers2007.jpg (47221 bytes)
  97_auditorium10000.jpg (65376 bytes)   98_aerial_20030403.jpg (119180 bytes)  
99KSB_Map_Contact_details.jpg (43156 bytes)
to read the document explaining these photos click here        

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