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2013 Matric Camp

Mission Kwasizabantu Goldfields

A camp for Grade 12 students in the Free State Province of South Africa was held at Mission Kwasizabantu Goldfields (Virginia) from 22 September to 11 October 2013. The purpose of this camp was to give the Matrics (12th Grade) an opportunity to study in a safe environment for their final exams while the Gospel was presented to them. Mission Kwasizabantu Goldfields provided accommodation, meals, and place to study for the learners of three Secondary schools of previously disadvantaged communities in the Free State Goldfields area. The schools were, Letsete Secondary School. and Nanabolela Senior Secondary School, both from Thabong near Welkom, and Bahale Secondary School from Henneman. At the peak of the camp there were about 341 Grade 12 students. Government teachers conducted lessons during the day.

We had devotions for them in the morning for about 30 minutes before their lessons started. There were also evening services for about an hour. As many school do not start the day with prayer, this was a special time for the learners. It was a blessed time to share the Gospel of our Lord to the learners and the staff. Many stayed behind after the services and ask for prayers, and some dedicated their lives to Christ. We could really see the Lord at work in those learners’ lives.

The mission college at Kwasizabantu, Cedar College of Education, passed through Goldfields and presented some items. The 4th year CCE students had been on a field trip to the Northern Cape.

Co-workers at Goldfields KSB and from Kwasizabantu were able to serve the students with food, preaching and prayer.

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