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Youth Weekend at Malelane - 18 - 21 December 2003

New to the mission is a chickenfarm. Electricity was connected shortly before the conference started and a new borehole supplied the water.

Between 500 and 600 young people from different places like Barberton, Schoemansdal, Jeppe's reef, Driekoppies, Nelspruit, Kamhlushwa, etc. attended. Most of them were fetched every morning and taken back home in the evening. Some stayed over for the night while others came walking down the hills to join the services. Mangos, paw-paws, litchis and bananas, was donated by people from the area. A group of young people (South African and overseas) assisted in the practical work.

The Theme of the conference was "God sees ..." A summary of the different services follow:

Thursday, 18 Dec 2003: The morning service was taken by Jan Pienaar from Is 40:3 and Matt 3, "Prepare the way of the Lord". Bongani Zondi preached from Acts 26:28 in the afternoon, "you nearly persuade me to become a Christian". Agrippa fell one step short of becoming a Christian. What about you?

Friday, 19 Dec 2003: Alpheus Mdlalose preached in the morning from 2Sam 9:1-7 "The kindness of God for everyone present". Like David showed mercy to Mephibosheth, God shows mercy to us through Jesus Christ. In the afternoon, separate services were held for the boys and girls.

Saturday, 20 Dec 2003: Michael Ngubane preached in the morning on the theme, "God's will for our lives". He read from Luke 8:22-23; 35. On the other side of the lake Jesus met a demon-possessed man who lived in the tombs. Jesus delivered him and does so too today. All those that are depressed, opressed and have other problems and sins, can find deliverance in Christ. In the afternoon TLW expressed the message of purity to the youth through different dramas.

Sunday, 21 Dec 2003: Nkosi Shongwe (from the Malelane area) and other leaders and ministers of religion joined for the service. Nkosi Shongwe spoke before the sermon and expressed his heartfelt desire that a KwaSizabantu branch would be planted in his area, where people can find help and deliverance from sin.

Rev Erlo Stegen took the morning service from Matt 1:18-25. Mary was a chosen vessel, fit for her Master's use. So too must we be vessels that God can use. Where are those whom God can raise up like a John Wesley to spread His Gospel through Africa and save it?
Christians should show the way and work and think on that which is upbuilding to the nation. They should teach and preach the Gospel wherever they go - God becoming man to save him from His sins. When Jesus could no longer bear His cross, a man from Africa bore it. Joseph and Mary had to flee to Africa, Egypt, to save Christ from being murdered by Herod. Jesus shed His blood, so that you can confess and forsake your sin and find deliverance, because He paid the price.

22 December: The Youth Weekend (18 - 21 December) has come to an end yesterday with Rev E. Stegen conducting the final service. About 600 young people were present and co-workers report than many turned to the Lord. Chief (`Inkosi) Shange also spoke to the audience and and said why he had wanted Kwasizabantu to start a mission in his area of Schulzendal. He said how happy he was with the results thus far. (photos to come)

20 December: True Love Waits   gave a presentation to the youth on Saturday afternoon. During the previous afternoon the girls and boys were separated into 2 groups so that there could be more direct discussion about the facts of life and the Biblical answers.

18 December: Malelane is so far away from Kwasizabantu that it is more convenient to hold services there rather than fetching people from so far away. Thus, another youth weekend has come about with the same theme as the recently blessed Youth Week held 5 - 12 December 2003.

A large tent has been pitched and services held 3 times a day. Today (18 December 2003) the morning meeting was conducted by Dr Jan Pienaar, the afternoon service by Rev B. Zondi (on Acts 26:28) and this evening a video was shown on David and Goliath.

More information will be posted on this site (with photos)

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