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MALELANE YOUTH CONFERENCE - 24 to 27 September 2009

(See some of the preaching themes and photos below)

Thank you to those who prayed for the Malelane Youth Conference. The hundred, or so co-workers and other volunteers report great blessing upon the conference. The conference was well attended and many children came to Christ. Rev Chauke and Rev Stegen were able to address various tent meetings.


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Malelane Youth Conference 2009 - some of the preaching themes

Thursday 24th September - morning

Michael Ngubane – Luke 13:18-30

Theme: Strive to enter through the narrow gate.

We must strive to enter through the narrow gate. Otherwise God will say to us ‘I don’t know you’, when we appear before Him.

On the narrow road behind the narrow gate you cannot do what you would like to do. On the broad road you think you can do everything, but in the meantime you are a slave of sin.

God offers us the forgiveness of sin in Jesus Christ. His blood can cleanse us of every sin.


Thursday 24th September - afternoon

Detlef Stegen – 1Samuel 15:7

Theme: God looks at the heart.

God doesn’t look at your outer appearance, He looks at your heart. We judge others by their outer appearance, but God doesn’t.

Wouldn’t it be nice when we return home with a changed heart? Jesus died for you, so your heart can be cleansed.


Thursday 24th September - evening

Rev. Chauke – Psalm 23:1

Theme: The Lord is my Shepherd, I do not want.

When the Lord is your Shepherd you have a personal relationship with Him.

David had this relationship when he went to fight Goliath. When Jesus is your Shepherd He can conquer al the Goliaths of your life.

Choose Him to be your Shepherd.


Friday 25th September - morning

Rev. Chauke – Proverbs 4:23

Theme: Keep your heart above all things

You guard that which is of worth to you. You don’t want ‘uninvited guests’ to take it away from you (see Proverbs 6: 16-19).

Your heart is full of all kinds of evil and sins. But God can set you free from that evil and can forgive you your sins.

Like in the song “When God forgives us He forgets; no more remembers our sins.”

Many came forward when invited, to take the first step to Jesus.


Friday 25th September - afternoon

Rev. Chauke – Proverbs 23:26

Theme: My son, give me your heart.

God wants your heart. What does He do with it? See Ezechiel 36:26.

Friday 25th September - evening



Saturday 26th September - morning

Rev. Erlo Stegen – Luke 17:21 (end)

Theme: The Kingdom of God is within you (1).

God made us in His image, but we don’t have it no more. Why? Because we turned our backs to God.

As fish are created for the water, we are created for God.

Come, return to Him.


Saturday 26th September

Rev. Chauke –Psalm 24:7-10, Matthew 21:12, Revelations 3:20

Theme: Let the King of Glory enter your temple.

When we open the gates, a mighty God comes in. Allow God to enter your heart, then He will make us full of glory. A temple is a place to worship God – that is our calling. When Jesus enters us temples, He throws out all the wickedness.

He will knock on your door, He won’t force himself on to you.

Saturday 26th September - evening



Sunday 27th September - morning

Rev. Erlo Stegen – Luke 17:20

Theme: The Kingdom of God is within you (2).


Some say the Gospel is something of the white people. But that is not true. Our Lord Himself fled to Egypt. And when He was crucified, the Romans made Simon of Cyrene, an African man, to carry His cross. But Africa is throwing away the Gospel.

Jesus said: the Kingdom of God is within you. When God made man, He planted His commandments in man. Why? To keep them. It’s in you and that’s how the Kingdom is in you, how the Word of God is in you.

If you take the Kingdom of God out, you will bring the kingdom of the devil in.

Hebrews 10:16 is what God wants to do in you. Then you will become afraid of sin, because the laws of God are now in your heart and mind.


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Food and relaxation
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Some of the new Buildings at Malelane Kwasizabantu Mission (also known as Schulzendal

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Sunsets at mission - which is right next an enormous lake
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