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Kwasizabantu Malelane/Schulzendal July 2004

The work at Malelane (click here for previous report) continues to go forward, by the Lord's grace. There are permanent co-workers (such as Dr Jan and Susan Pienaar) at the mission and teams from Kwasizabantu which go for a week or two and sometimes a month or more.

The following group left for Malelane on 25 July for a few weeks

Jabulani Dube, Bernard Hlathi and a team left today for the Malelane Centre in the Mpumalanga province to support Jan and Susan Pienaar. They'll be ministering extensively in the area and will appreciate your prayer support. They have also brought food and clothing for distribution among orphans.

Accompanying the team are Victor and Katarina Matveyuk, a Russian American couple with a call to Africa. They have a special burden for Aids orphans and that will be their focus in Mpumalanga.

The work at Schulzendal (Malelane) continues to grow and is now a fledgling mission station with 6 buildings. To assist the ministry there are some support projects such as: 5 cows (to provide milk for the mission and to sell); 1000 chickens and a mill to grind maize. The mill has become a community project of great benefit to the whole neighbourhood. Locals bring the maize they have produced to the mill to be ground.

The team which went recently (25 July) has also brought food and clothing to distribute among orphans.

Besides the people who come to the mission for help there are also many opportunities to minister in schools and in local homes where Aids is taking its toll.

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