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Summary of Johnny's Testimony (read in Afrikaans)

19 May 2001 (a 5 minute testimony given by Johnny at Kwasizabantu)


At Kwasizabantu I learned to talk and walk with God and experience Him.


I came from Johannesburg, Midrand area. My aim in life was to make as much

money as possible, as quick as possible. I was the owner of an upmarket

escort agency there.

It all started - with me just smoking now and then and reading the star

signs. I thought all these were small things, at the end of the day that's

where I ended.

I was also a professional gambler. The devil honoured me and gave me two


I gave people free alcohol with that territory I sold drugs and alcohol to

schoolchildren at nightclubs. The people I worked for in Johannesburg had a

lot of respect for me. I was powerful there. When you have a lot of money

it gives you a heart of stone. With that also I was involved with illegal

gangs and stolen cars. I sold cocaine to all "my ladies".

I was also involved with kidnapping children and other human beings.

Everything for the sake of money. With everything I had, I had no real

friends. The value of money meant nothing to me.

There was nobody I loved and I also thought nobody loved me either.

Everybody else, my friends, I did them favours and they did me some favours.

With all that in mind I started thinking to myself that my life was actually

worth nothing and I got cross with myself. I decided I don't want to live

anymore, and wanted to commit suicide.

The thought came to me about Lazarus and the rich man, that if I had to die

today there will be not water in hell, and with that in thought I knew my

sins and I was definitely going to hell, if there was a hell. So I thought

by myself I don't want to go to hell for a million years without water.

So I went down on my knees and prayed the following. I said: "God, if you

really exist I want You to be real in my own life." That's the only prayer

I prayed at that time. Three days later I gave my life to Jesus and said

the sinner's prayer. Three weeks after that I met 20 real Christians, and

that made the final decision in my life. I could see Jesus in their lives,

they didn't know who I am or what I did, but to see Jesus in other people's

lives that made the decision in my life. I also wanted to be like that and

so far I made real friends, people you can really trust.

I know now, just by smoking cigarettes God also saved me from that, I couldn

't stop smoking, but God saved me from that too, I had to ask Him. By

smoking, reading the star signs and gambling, by those things the devil took

me down step by step. I was definitely on my way to hell, but through the

grace of God and the blood of Jesus, God saved me from hell.

At Kwasizabantu I learned to respect women for the first time and to listen

to God's voice. Out of utter darkness and the domain of Satan, Jesus came

down and set me free.


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