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Activities at KwaSizabantu Mission

It was towards the end of the year 1966 that the missionary Erlo Stegen,
after 12 years of mission work among the Zulus, came to the end of himself.
with a deep longing and seeking after the fullness and power of God which
the Bible speaks of, he, together with a few Christians, began prayer
meetings at Mapumulo.  They placed themselves in the light of God's Word and
sought His face.  They were desperate to find the key to the life where God
has free sway;  a life of victory instead of powerlessness and failure.
After a time of God's intense dealing and refining, where they were cleansed
from things that were a barrier between man and God, between man and his
fellowman, the Lord opened the heavens and began working in His sovereign
power (Isaiah 64:1).

There were immediate results:  from far and wide the Lord brought people who
were in need to the Christians at Mapumulo, people who were bound by sin and
satanic bondages - witches, witchdoctors, the possessed, to mention just a
few.  Some of them, without anyone having spoken to them, were conscious of
their lost condition, and were desperate to find the Lord and His liberating
power.  Within the first week after the revival began, more happened than in
the previous 12 years of determined and uninterrupted hard word.  Streams of
living water had begun to flow!

We thank the Lord that the river which began in 1966, has, with the years,
become stronger and deeper and has reached out into our country and many
foreign lands.  In 1970, building began at KwaSizabantu (which is the Zulu
word for "the place where people are helped"), which today is the centre of
the revival.  The dormitories, rondavels and houses can, at present,
accommodate over 7 000 people.  People stream into KwaSizabantu daily from
different nations, races, languages and backgrounds and with a great variety
of problems and needs:  some seeking help for spiritual and psychological
problems (eg. depression, broken marriages and homes, alcoholism,
drug-addiction, etc.).  Criminals and murderers come to get right with God.
And many others come for spiritual enrichment, for a meeting with God.

Conference are held regularly in the auditorium which can seat about 10 000
people.  There are, for example, biannual conferences for approximately 8
000 children and teenagers as well as regular conferences for adults and
families, and the annual KwaSizabantu Ministers' Conference when a thousand
ministers from various denominations gather around God's Word.

Several training institutions have been established.  These include a
school, a teachers' training college and an adult education school, where
sewing classes are also presented.

The Mission aims to be as self sufficient as possible.  In order to supply
the physical needs of its workers and visitors a number of faming
enterprises have been undertaken.  Besides cattle, chicken, fruit and
vegetables, there are also apiaries for honey, a noodle factory, a pottery
and a jam factory.  The dairy processes milk for a variety of milk products
such as yoghurt and maas.  The surplus products which are not needed for the
Mission's own use, are sold and with this money products are bought which
the Mission cannot produce itself.  The bakery supplies all the bread that
is needed and there are several workshops which undertake the electrical,
woodwork, plumbing and mechanical work of the Mission.

Numerous invitations to proclaim the Gospel in different parts of the world
are also received to "make disciples of all the nations ..." (Mat 28:19),
"unto the uttermost part of the earth..." (Acts 1:8b).

(Psalm 92:4)

In the meantime, the following new or expanded activities need to be mentioned:

1. Radio Station:
Radio Khwezi (the Zulu word for "Morning Star") has been broadcasting since September 1995 on 90.5 FM over the biggest part of KwaZulu-Natal. At present we also broadcast on the frequency 107.7 FM in some areas, in English, Zulu, Afrikaans and German. A great variety of programmes are broadcasted, namely news, music, actuality programmes, and special programmes for children, young people, women and the aged. Also various topics to build up the nation and teach them various skills (like learning English and Zulu, special aid for Matrics with their subjects, etc.).

2. Training Facilities:
These are constantly growing according to the need and include the following:
a) A school, Domino Servite School (which means: "Serving the Lord"), was started in 1986, to give children a Christian based education. Children from many different backgrounds are part of the school and their home languages range from English to Zulu, Afrikaans, Sotho, Xhosa, German and others. We have 13 Grades ranging from Grade O where all the children learn the English (as medium of instruction), up to Matric. The school has had a 100% Matric passes since the beginning.

b) A Teachers Training College, Cedar College of Education, was initiated in 1994 and aims at training teachers with a proper Christian foundation. The first students graduated at the end of 1997. The College is affiliated to the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education and the Potchefstroom College of Education. Our College certificate is accredited by the University.

c) An adult literacy school, Tabitha Adult School, teaches adults who never had the opportunity to attend school, to read and write. Other courses are also offered, for example learning English, Afrikaans, Zulu, German and other basic skills like sewing, cooking, driving as well as computer literacy.

3. Selfhelp Projects:
The Mission is selfsupporting as far as possible, and to that end has 25 different projects which continually grow and expand as the need grows. We also have hothouses, glass and plastic, where a variety of specialized vegetables are produced - in the first place for use on the mission, for all our visitors. The rest is sold for fundraising. Recently we also started a waterbottling factory/plant after water of very high quality has been found. The water is being sold under the name "aQuellé".

4. Conferences:
Twice a year Youth Conferences are held - during the July and December holidays. These Conferences are usually attended by between 3 and 5 thousand children and young people.

Annual Ministers' Conferences are held, attended by over a thousand preachers and Christian workers from all over the world. Local and international speakers are invited to address these conferences.
The next conference is planned for 5 - 8 March 2001. All pastors, ministers, evangelists, church council members and other Christian workers are welcome to attend - please contact the Mission at our telephone number and address.

Anybody is welcome to come and visit the Mission - please contact us at our telephone number or address.

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