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Books about KwaSizabantu


`Revival among the Zulus', by Rev E.H. Stegen

`Erweckung unter den Zulus', by E. Stegen

`Gott unter den Zulus', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch

 (English translation `God among the Zulus’;  Afrikaans translation `Herlewing onder die Zoeloes’)

`Du nahest dich zur mir', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch

`Gottes Massarbeit', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch

 (`Bericht über den Absturz eines Missionsflugzeuges')

`Im Paradies', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch

`In KwaZulu erlebt', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch

`Jesu Name ist wunderbar', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch

`Kraft Gottes', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch

`KwaSizabantu', by Prof  Dr Kurt Koch

`Licht am Abend', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch

 (English translation `Darkness or Light')

`Südafrika', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch

`In Seinem Namen’, by Prof Dr Kurth Koch & Bärbel Koch

`Ohne Apartheid', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch & Bärbel Koch

`Überwundene Starke', by Prof Dr Kurt Koch & Bärbel Koch

`Ströme Lebendigen Wassers', by Bärbel Koch

`Wo ist ein Gott, wie Du bist? 1, 2 and 3', by Bärbel Koch

 (in English `Who is a God like Thee?')

`God se Genade', by Welly du Toit

 (in English `God's Grace')

`Opwekking en zondebesef' (in Dutch), by Theo Visser

`Revival begins with yourself'’ (in Russian), by Ludmila Plett

 (Dutch translation `Opwekking begint bij jezelf')

 Calvary Comics
A new way of reaching those who tend to need graphics to understand truths

Translations of books have been made into:  Afrikaans, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian and Spanish.


Also, various theses about KwaSizabantu:

Prof M.C. Kitshoff en H.E. Basson, "As die vuur kom - die verhaal van KwaSizabantu"

G.J Oosthuizen, "KwaSizabantu Sending"

Prof J.A. van Rooy, "Die ingang van die herlewing te KwaSizabantu in die lewe van die Zoeloevolk"

J.L. Du Toit, "Die Geskiedenis van KwaSizabantu - 'n Histories- Teologiese ondersoek"

H.E. Basson, "Herlewing te KwaSsizabantu in 'n Sendingsituasie - 'n Teologiese-Missiologiese ondersoek"


Articles about Erlo Stegen and KwaSizabantu Mission are in great abundance and in many different languages. See more here.

 Various online translations of `Revival among the Zulus' (incl: Portugues, Chinese, etc)


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