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Articles of General Interest:

* New Revised version of "God among the Zulus" by Dr Kurt Koch, in Word format (rather download it than read it online)

* rebuilding of Kwasizabantu Auditorium 2009

* Echte Mannen - Real Men don't do porn [more]

* An open letter by Dr James Dobson regarding South Africa and homosexuality: "If your Constitutional Court rules in favour of homosexual marriage, and if South Africans accept that decision passively, the issue will never be in question again..."

* Remember our missionary heritage ...[more]

* Reformation Day, 31 October 2003 ... [more]

KSB Newsletter April 2003 in Word 97 format (English, or Afrikaans)

Short revival topics by Jose Mateus (short biography of author

For Portuguese articles by Jose Mateus and other Portuguese translations of books by Murray, Spurgeon and Stegen, click here or for complete list of English articles arranged under different topics by Jose Mateus:

KSB Newsletter 2002 in Word 97 format (English or Afrikaans)

Body Piercing - a return to paganism - by Dr Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship

Pathological Antagonists, by Dr Peter Hammond

Four types of Religion - comparison of true and false religion through the ages

Reading the Bible, by John Newton

Hallmarks of a Faithful People, by Alan Morrison

Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth, by Henry Ironside

Transformation, by Dr Peter Hammond

Quotations from Thomas Brooks

Dr. Lloyd-Jones and Authority in Preaching (Banner of Truth)

`How to treat your dearest treasures' - by Robert Murray M'Cheyne

`The Trouble with Harry' & `Harry Dilemma', by John Murray (Focus on the Family) - two excellent articles
discussing `Harry Potter'.

Statistics on Bible Translations and the need (Wycliffe Web Site)

George Whitefield: Lightning Rod of the Great Awakening

Secret Sins by C.H. Spurgeon

Presumptious Sins by C.H. Spurgeon

Danger of self deception by P.G. Matthew

Die Braut Eines Koenigs - by Emil Gustafson (in German, recommended by a web visitor - feel welcome to send comments.)

Hymns of the Lukewarm Church


Articles by or about Kwasizabantu Mission (list of books published about KSB):

Testimonies of Transformation, by Dr Peter Hammond (Word format)

Revival among the Zulus in Portuguese (Word format)

A successful "rural KZN village" ...[more]

`The Meeting', essay finalist for Natal Witness (includes interesting details of African culture and KSB)

KSB Newsletter 2002 in Word 97 format (English or Afrikaans)

"UPON WHOM THE TOWER FELL" - Terrorist attack on America - some Biblical thoughts ...[more]

KSB Newsletter 2001 to download as a Word document (English, Zulu, Afrikaans, German)

10 Marks of a Sect

The Gospel, motor of economic growth' (French media interview with Erlo Stegen), English translation.

Summary of Activities at Kwasizabantu

New 95 Theses

Testimony of Johnny

Testimony of Martin v.d. Merwe

Going round and round?

Useful Sermons

What is Revival?

A brief pamphlet about Kwasizabantu

Ander artikels in Afrikaans

Afrikaans pamphlet about Kwasizabantu

Letter concerning Kwasizabantu (in German) by Charles Guillot, Chief Editor of Idea in France, former Director of Transworld Radio for French-speaking countries, and Vice-President of the Evangelical Alliance of France

RELIGIOUS DECEPTION - By Prof. J.S. Malan (includes analysis of Kwasizabantu)

Tough Going? by Kjell Olsen

New Revised version of "God among the Zulus" by Dr Kurt Koch, in Word format (rather download it than read it online)

Revival Among the Zulus E.H. Stegen (or right click here to download a version in Word format) "Erweckung unter den Zulus" - Buch zum Download; Kostenloser Download des Buches "Erweckung unter den Zulus (6.Aufl.)" als PDF-Datei. Weitere Bücher erhältlich über die Homepage der Bibel- und Schriftenmission. Lesen sie was Erlo Stegen über den Beginn der Erweckung schreibt. [Download 428kb] Or in Russian, in Portuguese (Word format), in Chinese, and now a Korean version, and in Spanish (in Word).

Always Getting Caught? - K. Olsen

`Qualms about Christmas' - by K. Olsen


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