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TWR visit
7 - 9 Oct 2003

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From LTR: Rev du Preez, Rev Mcambi, Rev Mashighu

These days, the director of Trans World Radio (TWR), together with two of his colleagues, visited KwaSizabantu Mission, and particularly, Doctors for Life (DFL), to prepare programmes together with DFL to help AIDS victims.

  • Rev du Preez took the service on Tuesday evening, 7 Oct.
    John 15:1 - 8, "Abiding in Christ". There's 5 points of particular note in this passage:
    1. Everything the vine has, belong to the branches. The vine exists for the branches. Jesus came to earth, walked amongst us, was tempted without sin, died, rose again, ascended and is set down at God's right hand, for us. He did it all for us, so that He might succour a complete salvation (Hebr 4:14 - 16). The branches need not worry about the complexity of how the nutrients, water, etc. get from the ground, up the vine and into the branches. They only need to be connected to the vine, and all the nutrition and sap flows into them.
    2. Everything of the branches belong to the vine. We live for Him and His glory. We produce good fruit that the Father might be glorified. The quality of the fruit we bear, reflect on the quality of the vine. If we do not bear good fruit, no one will come (or desire to come) to Christ, the vine.
    3. The branches cannot do anything (bear fruit) without the vine. The branches could never produce fruit on their own, no matter how hard they try. If they are not connected to the life-giving sap of the vine, they wither and die. It is the sap of the vine that gives them life and enables them to produce fruit.
    4. The vine cannot bear fruit, but through the branches. Jesus chose to work through consecrated humans, surrendering all to Him, to reveal His glory to the world.
    5. The branches are there to bear good fruit. That is the reason for their existence. If they do not bear fruit, they are only to be cut off and burnt.
  • Rev Mcambi, Wednesday evening, 8 Oct
    1Chron 28:1 - 10, "To know God". David is an example of a wise, godly father. His son, Solomon, was so excited to build the temple, but David knew that all the works pale into insignificance compared to the one most important thing, that Solomon knows God. Here he most solemnly instructs his son, before the people, to know God and serve Him with all his heart.
    1. We must have a saving knowledge of God. It is one thing to know about God, but quite something else to know Him. Many want to work for Him and perform great exploits, but they do not know Him. They learn a lot about Him in Theological seminaries, etc. and think that that qualifies them to work for Him, but they miss the point completely. No, the first requirement is that you know Him personally.
    2. We must know God as holy (Is 6:3). We must be holy, as He is holy (1Pet 1:15 - 16). Our whole conversation and walk must be different from the world and the lukewarm. God expects our lives to be different, separated, that the beauty of Jesus might be seen shining through our lives.
    3. We must know God with total consecration and devotion (Rom 12:1). In Mal 1:10, God commands the temple to be shut, because His people served Him hypocritically with their lips, while their hearts departed from Him. Do you still experience the sweetness of serving and knowing God? God searches the motives and intents of the heart and of your service, and He will judge righteously. If you serve Him wholeheartedly, and seek for Him with all your heart, He will be found of you, but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off forever. Many hear great preachers and men of God preach day after day, and their hearts get hardened, and they start to calibrate preachers against each other, but their lives are not changed. God will hold them accountable, and unless they cry out to Him with all their heart, repent and forsake their sin, they will be rejected forever.
  • Rev Mashighu, Thursday evening, 9 Oct.
    John 1:35 - 38, "Christ's disciples". Jesus called the disciples and trained them to proclaim His Gospel across the world. He calls us to train us to become faithful disciples of Him. We must be disciples that intercede for one another and work together in God's vineyard. When we see one weak in the faith, it is our duty to save him from death. Jesus sent out the disciples two by two, that they might strengthen and compliment each other. Let us in the same way follow Jesus' example.

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