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"Paul's Pentecost"

Summary of sermon by Detlef Stegen, 8 June 2014



Service (Preacher-Detlef, Translator – Blessing Sincuba)

8 June 2014

Paul's Pentecost

We trust we have come with longing hearts and will look as in a mirror. The Lord’s Spirit can open our eyes so that we can see what we have never seen before. Whether you are a child, married man or wife or in the evening of your life, this Lord can do more than you ever imagined. Today is Pentecost and allow me to touch on that.

The Lord has taught us that when we pray we say our Father who is in heaven. He didn’t say “my Father” he said our Father. Do you belong to this Father as God’s children? Are you one of his disciples or are you going it alone? Do you want to go it alone or allow others to help you. When you are with others you get input from them. You don’t live a selfish life. You are a part of others or do you make yourself independent? If you say our Father, you are open to correction. You are open to assist others. As a church you are part of the body of Christ. This is a godly ordination of a family. We have a father, mother and children. Father, are you the head like the locomotive with the trucks following behind? Your way and life has an impact on the rest of your family. Do you feel this responsibility? You don’t just go where you like because it will have consequences. The bible clearly instructs us how a godly woman should conduct herself so that her children can testify of their mother. Children do you see the example of your mother or do you seek it somewhere else? You must function as a unit. You are abnormal if you don’t adhere to God’s principles of a family. You as a son, if you wonder off what kind of family will you build? If you are immoral the girl will be married by another man you have spoiled. If you don’t stay within these parameters, you won’t have true life in abundance. You have God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They are always one. Like an egg in a shell with the yolk, and the egg white inside. This is a complete whole egg. There is no fighting among them. In God the Father we find this oneness. If we give ourselves we will be taken up into this godliness and life of the body of Christ. Do you see yourself as part of this body or do you do your own thing? When they saw Lord Jesus ascend to heaven, he said stay in Jerusalem till you receive the Holy Spirit and power to be my witnesses. Open your heart wide to the Holy Spirit who unites us with the Father and the Son.

Acts 26:12-19: Here we have Paul testifying before a king of his meeting with Jesus, this power of God. He was a man who acted in ignorance and unbelief; being zealous in what he was brought up in. You can be brought up in something and act in unbelief. He was a Pharisee of the highest order, strict adherence to the law he had been brought up in. He acted in unbelief. We can be trained and our eyes are blind to what God is doing. We can be instructed in religion and yet be off the mark. We are persecuting Jesus and we don’t see it. It needed a light from heaven, brighter than the sun blazing. 

Many want to go as missionaries. They want to open people’s eyes . Many people proclaim the Lord but their eyes are shut to who the Lord is. This blazing light we also find in Revelations. John saw Jesus differently to when he walked on this earth. Rev 1:12 it says He saw seven lamps and amongst them was someone like the Son of Man. His hair was white like wool and his eyes were like blazing fire. In His right hand he held seven stars and a sword came out of His mouth. When Jesus was on earth He looked for lost souls and he came to impart his gift to his true followers. John fell down as dead when he saw Him. His face was shining and His whole Being exerted power. The seven lampstands are the seven churches. Is it possible that the leaders of the church are in the right hand of this Lord? Not the lampstands but the angels are in his right hand who care for the churches. Do you see the responsibility the angels have? Do you honour them as those in Christ’s hand? Some say we are all the same. But why don’t we honour those who are in the right hand of the Lord.

This light from heaven can change what you have been trained in. He sends His light in such a way that Saul falls to the ground and hears a voice that he didn’t recognize in that instance. Saul you are kicking against the pricks. You are in rebellion. Rebellion usually hurts yourself. If the true light shines and you rebel, you inflict wounds on your own heart. Fall down and just admit you cannot continue like this anymore. Why are you resisting this light? Father if you aren’t a true light of your family why don’t you admit? Maybe the neighbors know how it is in your home but you have your conviction. Why don’t you admit that you are on the wrong way? You don’t look for a job where you earn thousands a week. You work for the Lord but you are on the Damascus road. Your children are wild. Why don’t you fall down so that Jesus can do something in your children?

 How long will you be on your Damascus road? You are exposing yourself to the power of Satan even though you are in the church. Do you want Jesus to come down in form and say, “So-and-so, why do you persecute me? Why do you prick against the goads? Why do you kick?” This hardened Saul was able to submit. The power of Jesus was too much for him. When Saul got up he was blind. Then he was led away. For three days he couldn’t eat or drink. The Lord had to send Ananias to him. The Lord, “Lay your hands on him so that the scales will fall off his eyes. I am sending you to him to open eyes.” He couldn’t open the eyes of the Gentiles because he was blind. People come to pray for you so that the scales can fall off. Then Saul was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus walks among us saying, “This is good but this I hold against you.” He can bind us to my brother and sister. Have you put limits to yourself? You restrain others so that they cannot help you. Jesus can’t send his servant to you but if they come close you kick. Thank God for the power of this gospel. On that day he changed his mind and thinking. Saul stood before kings and he was shown how he had to suffer for Christ and you don’t know how the leaders intercede for you. There is a spiritual battle that is being fought. Do you want to be a part of it? Leave your Damascus road.

Arno: As I was listening, I thanked God for Pentecost when God sent his Spirit. Do you allow God’s spirit in you? Do you walk by your own intellect and own wisdom? He was so convinced that he was right until he experienced Pentecost. Then God revealed to him that he was on the wrong way. “You are hurting yourself and others and you are persecuting me.” We think we know what we are doing. Are we on the Damascus road? Do we experience the Holy Spirit that brings life to us and to others? When the Holy Spirit came, the disciples spoke differently. Can people see that change in us? Even the way he speaks has changed. Before even if it hurt, he just spoke as he wanted. Or are you one who has experienced the Lord’s Spirit? This person no longer speaks that way. People come to Christ to such an extent that they speak for Christ even at the cost of their lives. People ran from the crucifixion because they were afraid of the crowd. But they said they would rather listen to God even if it cost their lives. God sent his Spirit to be among us. Maybe you are happy if Jesus prepares a place for you, but do you prepare a place for the Lord Jesus? Have you prepared it for him? Isn’t it a cheek to say, “Lord prepare a place for me” but you don’t prepare a place for him. Through his Spirit we can please God. We can’t fight the flesh, if God doesn’t dwell in us. He wants to dwell in us so that we have the power to overcome. Let us allow God to dwell in our hearts by his Spirit. With him we will experience his victory. We are on the wrong road that will take us to death. Paul started seeing as God sees. It’s a risk if we see as man sees and that brings death but to see as God sees that brings life. May this Pentecost be blessed for you. May we experience new life from His Spirit.








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