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"God's thoughts for His people"

Summary of sermon by Erlo Stegen, 26 Jan 2014

(Funeral of Mrs B. Koch, wife of late Dr Kurt Koch, see photos below)



Jer 29

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

There are more than 6 billion people on earth yet God knows the thoughts of each. And He also knows the plans He has for you.

What does God know about you and me? He knows all your thoughts! It's good for us to remember that God knows our thoughts.

Israel had sinned grievously for they had served other gods, yet God said He had plans for them, good plans. It's amazing to note that after Israel had returned from exile they never again returned to their idol worship! Not once!

In Matthew 10 we read that though two sparrows are sold for a farthing yet not one of them fall to the ground without God knowing it (Matthew 10:29).

God is everywhere and He knows everything that happens. Nothing goes unnoticed. He knows where you are going. He watches us, whether old or young.

He also knows everything about your sin. Nothing escapes His notice. So it's foolishness to say a certain sin doesn't matter for God doesn't notice it.

But the one who confesses and forsakes his sin will find mercy. On the other hand the one who hides his sin will not prosper (Prov 28:13).

I often visited the deceased and we spoke about many things, also sin. At one time it looked as though she was falling asleep but then she suddenly spoke up and said. "It's so wonderful to have your sins forgiven".

There are many people on earth who had committed many sins but it's amazing that if you confess your sins they are cleansed in the Blood of the Lord Jesus.

Have your sins been forgiven? Have you been cleansed in the Blood of the Lord Jesus? It's wonderful if you face death knowing your sins are forgiven.

The Bible teaches us that "blessed is the one whose sins are covered and forgiven" (Ps 32:1).

It's precious in the sight of the Lord when His saints die (Ps 116:15).


Funeral of Mrs B. Koch, wife of late Dr Kurt Koch

(Summary in Italian)













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