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"Remember Lot's wife

Summary of sermon by Arno Stegen, 20 Oct 2013
(Wedding of M'lungisi Sincuba and Lydia Phungula)


Luke 17

32 Remember Lot's wife.

What a strange text for a wedding?

But this text is for all of us. It's not just for the wives but the husbands too and even those not married.

It's just three words. Let's look at each in turn.

May we remember what God wants to teach us from this. If we go back to this text we see it applies to a family, husband, wife and children.

M'lungisi highlighted a few points.

  1. Associate yourself with God's people.
  2. Find out from God before making a life time decision.
  3. Where sin rules, there's destruction.
  4. It's impossible to serve God while attached to the things of the world.
  5. When God speaks, don't look at what others are doing, and
  6. When God speaks obey Him at all times.

This family was living at a very difficult time, similar to what we experience in our time. Sodom and Gomorrah was morally and spiritually corrupt and bankrupt.

God noticed it, He didn't close an eye to it. But God gave them time to repent and even took time to investigate if it's really as bad as He had heard. Of course God knew, but He investigated for the sake of the people affected. One was Abraham.

Even at this eleventh hour God still displayed His patience and longsuffering. He was prepared to save the city if there was only ten righteous people in the city. But they were not found. God did not want the righteous to perish with the wicked. He went to save Lot.

We read the tragic story in Genesis 19. How Lot end up in this bad situation? There was friction between the herdsmen of Abraham and Lot, because of material things (so too families strive over material things and they would fight over "who gets what stuff" while the coffin is laid to rest!)

Abraham said to Lot that there should not be strife and that they should rather part. But Abraham gave Lot the opportunity to choose and Lot did choose. When he had to make this decision he did not look up to God, but he looked around, saw the beautiful plains and chose it, in the vicinity of Sodom and Gomorrah. Like many people when they must make a decision look what will suite then best. Lot chose for himself, like many people do. Many young men, when they want to marry, look around at the nice girls and choose for themselves.

Because of Lot's wealth and leadership quality he was given a position of honour in Sodom. But tragically he didn't make a true change in Sodom. Yes he tried to make a difference but it was not successful. In stead of him influencing the situation it rather influenced him. He remained true to God, but it drastically influenced his family and they couldn't stand. When he saw things go wrong why didn't he stop and ask himself if he had made the right decision?

If you want to be a good husband, wife or parents, always put God first, not in some things but in all.

Sodom was a terrible place. When the angels came all the men of the city gathered at the house of Lot.

Lot probably thought that although he couldn't change Sodom, at least he would be safe in his house. But these men didn't agree. Just like today, so much go wrong in the homes of Christians because they think they need not be on their guard in their home, and allow the world to enter.

These men didn't just knock and waited for Lot to open but would break down the door. Only God's intervention stopped them from entering. So too Christians find that the world wants to enter their homes by force, by compulsory sex education and even homosexuality! You think you're safe in your home, but they're not just happy to get their promiscuous way for themselves, they want to force their evil ways upon you and your children.

They put more and more pressure on Lot. Freedom of expression suddenly only applied to them and no longer to Lot and his family.

What difference are you making where you are? Are you and your family being influenced by those around you?

Today people simply live together and no longer marry, and portray it as normal.

Remember Lot and his wife. They failed in what they had to do. Don't do as they did, but let God be first in everything you do.

God would've even given those associated with Lot the benefit of the doubt. But the sons in law of Lot laughed at him. When Lot came back from speaking to his sons-in-law, we see his first weakness. The angels' command was clear to take his wife and daughters and flee to the mountains but he looked for a compromise, to only flee to Zoar. It seemed too harsh to flee to the mountains. Abraham was not far from there, a whole nation in the making, but later we find him and his daughters live in the mountains, and the evil fruit it bore. It's as if all logic left them?

How can you influence your family if you compromise when God speaks to you?

Lot was sharp regarding material things and could negotiate the best deal. But he compromised in spiritual things. And his wife saw it. You might say the right things to your family, but they see through you. They see how you compromise when God speaks to you. You might one day be surprised at what your family do, but they learnt it from you.

Let your words and actions agree. Remember what you should remember and forget what you should forget. Don't holds grudges.








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