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"Taught by the Spirit of God"

Summary of sermon by Erlo Stegen, 26 May 2013


(Mrs Mdlalose and Kjell Olsen shared how the ceremony in Potchefstroom went at North West University.

The dean said something significant, "a person who has achieved much is usually only honoured when they are gone or right at the end of their lives." It reminds one of the word that a prophet is not recognised at home.

They started with uncle Erlo and then read a summary of his achievements. We don't know what we have!

And they awarded him the highest non academic award possible from North West University, the Chancellors Medal.)

Summary of sermon:

Gal 3
24 Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.

Many are confused about this matter of the law and the grace of God. It's sad when many speak about the law. It's as if they don't know what they talk about. Their minds are dark.

Can I as a child of God dress in any manner, live in any manner, talk in any manner, simply because I'm not under the law, but under grace?

Jesus said often, "I did not come to take away the law but to fulfil it".

There are the ten commandments, Jesus did not come to remove any of them. I don't know if you shall enter heaven if you disregard that and simply claim to be under grace and break them.

The first commandment, "you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and have no other gods before Him". Now if you do not love Him with all your heart and set up idols in your heart - shall you enter heaven?

Paul said such people who claim to be under grace and live as they like are "silly women".

The law is there to lead us to Christ. In other words the law is our teacher. It even says it's like one who chastises us. We know what that means. It was put in place that we might be justified by faith.

There are those who say we can do what we like because we are not under the law but under grace. They know not what they talk about and must still be converted like the heathen.

It also says that the law of the spirit has set us free from the law of sin.

Those that are lawless show it through their lives and their life is a mess filled with contradiction and sin.

God said of king Saul that he was cursed because of his disobedience since obedience was better than sacrifice. In Acts it says that God gives His spirit to those who obey Him.

The law says you shall not be an adulterer, a slanderer, a murderer; then if you do those things you are guilty before God even though you are under grace.

The Bible also says how the Holy Spirit will teach us concerning sin, and righteousness and judgement. That is what the Holy Spirit does. He shows us when we are guilty before God.

In Acts 2 we read the believers were of one mind and kept the teaching of the apostles. We read how they devoted themselves to study the teaching of the apostles and the fellowship of the believers.

Some say we're too strict and should give more freedom. No the Bible says the parent who doesn't teach his child, and corrects his child and uses the rod of correction doesn't love his child. If you just leave your child to all his passions and desires that will destroy him or her, you don't love that child.

If the Holy Spirit is in you no one needs to teach you, since the Holy Spirit will teach you the way to go every day of your life.

Migratory patterns of swallows are accurate to the day. Who tells them? It's in them. If that bird does not obey that law inside of it then the law from outside, the law of nature, the snow and cold, will kill that bird.

If the spirit of God is in you, He teaches you what is right and wrong and what to do. Do you obey Him?

If you as a believing women go to the shop to buy clothes you will pray, "Lord I am your temple, guide me how to clothe your temple."

But if you just go there and choose what you like then it will also be clothes that doesn't fit a child of God. So too as a child if you buy a dress that sweeps the floor, you do not bring glory to God. People turn things upside down, children buy old people's clothes and vice versa.

Before you as a girl go to buy clothes, pray, "Lord will these clothes show forth your glory."

A girl who came here and continued to put makeup one day felt God say to her, "why do you change that which I had made". She then stopped with her makeup and threw all her makeup away. She also coloured her hair and then felt God speak to her about it too. Nobody preached to her about it but she had the Holy Spirit in her and He taught her. She stopped with it too.

What the law couldn't do the grace of God did in her life.

Tennis was my idol as a young man. But when Jesus came into my life I left that and went into the black's huts and told them about Jesus. The idol was thrown out.

Do you want to say that Jesus is in you but you don't tell the lost about Jesus? Yet you have time for sport and leisure and your own pursuits, spending a fortune on it? How is it possible when Jesus is in you?

The Bible told us of these days that in the last days people will be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, and have no time for the things of God. (2Timothy 3:4-5)

How can you pay to watch rugby or watch it on the TV, the devils box, and watch those half naked girls dance, and yet you call yourself a Christian?

As a child I asked my dad for two acres of land and to plow it for me. I planted tobacco there and made a lot of money. But when Jesus came into my life that all stopped and the tobacco fields went to ruins. God showed me that I cannot defile the bodies of others.

When you are lead by the Spirit of God, nobody has to check on you since His spirit leads you into all truth and you know what is right and wrong, and to choose the right.






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