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"Precious is the death of His saints"
(funeral of S'bongeleni Ngubane)

Summary of sermon by Erlo Stegen, 12 May 2013


Ps 116
15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

It's a marvellous thing that the death of God's children are precious in His sight.

The one who doesn't die in holiness is one who is mocking, and in rebellion to God. On the other hand if you die in the Lord it is sweet in God's sight.

What is a saint? One who has been sanctified, washed from all unclean things in the precious Blood of the Lamb.

Don't get it wrong, it's not precious to die, but to die in the Lord is precious.

Those who die without God die as a fool. Death is no respecter of persons, it takes anyone.

CT Studd said the day of death is better than the day of your wedding. Obviously he was speaking of those who die in the Lord. He was preaching the Gospel in Africa and eventually died in Africa.

Christ's ascension is of greatest importance. There would be no Christendom without His ascension. Everything of the world is nothing in comparison.

Why do young people turn away from the Lord? It's because of the world. But in each one's particular case there's a specific sin that they cherish which cause them to turn away.

Is there some sin you've never turned from? Perhaps it's gossip or bitterness that is driving you from God? Don't let the sun go down before you put it right. Turn from it today. That is wisdom. Bring your sins to the light.

Don't play the fool with God. Don't be like Saul or Esau who cried bitterly when it was too late. The painful thing was that Saul started well but ended so badly.

Is there someone who is playing the fool with God? Is there some hidden sin in your life?

Be rather like Paul who could say at the end if his life, "I have kept the faith".

Such a person's death is precious in the sight of God.




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