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"Simeon's Revelation"

Summary of sermon by Rev Erlo Stegen, 17 February 2013

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Joseph and Mary took their child to the temple. (It’s good to take your children to the service and to have them with you. They learn a lot from a young age and God works in their hearts. It’s a poor argument to say you want the child to make up his own mind. What would you think if one said that about bathing?)

Our attention is drawn to the man Simeon. He was a man God wanted to point out. He was a righteous, devout, God-fearing man. He was often found in the temple, it was his custom, and he was waiting on God. Simeon was a man God could reveal things to and God had given him a promise that he would not die before seeing the Messiah. He waited for the Messiah but he lived a godly life in the meantime. He had no wrong things in his life and did not defile himself with anything. His life was pleasing to God. The Holy Spirit freely spoke to him because his life was clean. Some people think that it needs a special experience with the Holy Spirit before they can live holy lives. No, God pours new wine into new wine skins – old ones would burst. We must live as Simeon and wait expectantly for the Lord.

Simeon knew he would see the Lord before he died. He waited in hope. He looked forward to death because he knew he would first see the Lord. Those who die with the Lord die well. Voltaire, the French philosopher, mocked God and died a terrible death. Nurses did not even want to care for him because he was in such agony. How wonderful it is for the Christian who waits for the Lord to come and fetch them; they know joy as they wait and a radiance falls on them when He comes.

It is good to see how the saints have died. Hebrews tells us to study this.

No one told Simeon that this was the Messiah - he just knew it. There had been no invitation or bells, Simeon just came and knew Jesus was the Messiah. It is wonderful when God reveals things in this way. Now he could die in peace. Have you seen the Lord and His salvation? Maybe you are a “good” person but it’s not good enough. Man's righteousness is not sufficient. You need Christ and only then will be fully satisfied. Then you are ready to die.

To some the coming of Christ is a fragrance of death and to others He is the fragrance of life.

Wait, watch, keep yourself pure. You do not need to fear death if you are looking forward to seeing Jesus. Have you had Simeon's revelation? Embrace Jesus today.

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