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"God's greatest Day"

Summary of sermon by Rev Erlo Stegen, 25 December 2012


God's greatest Day - when He reopened the door to Paradise

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Lk 2: 1-7

Many people are saying "happy Christmas" while not understanding why Christmas is happy and why gifts are given. Christmas Day is God's greatest day because He reopened the way back into Paradise.

To the text: Though Caesar was the Emperor of the whole known world and was a pagan man living in his sins, God used Him to fulfil His purposes. This shows us that God is not dismayed by political wickedness and can use even the ungodly to bring about His plans. When Caesar's hand signed the legal document ordering the census he didn't realise that God's Hand was at work. In vs 2 every man had to be counted in his home town. This meant that Joseph, though living in Nazareth, had to go to Bethlehem at the precise moment that Mary was to give birth. The baby in the manger is, in fact, the One who controls the whole universe!


Paradise lost

Through Adam's sin Paradise was lost. He had listened to his wife instead of God. They were both expelled from the garden of Paradise and angels with flaming swords refused them entry. From their enjoyment of the garden they went to the curse outside with all it's sweat, pain, sorrows and the grave. God made sure that human beings could never eat of the Tree of Life while living in sin. Imagine if they could live forever in enmity to God! paradise-lost.jpg (42044 bytes) paradise-lost2.jpg (35622 bytes)


Paradise reopened

God's answer was found in the manger! paradise5.jpg (27159 bytes) Jesus was born in the humblest of circumstances so that He could lift up the lowest of the lowest sinner up into Paradise.

This was the greatest Day of God giving His only begotten Son for us. The locked gates to Paradise have been reopened by this baby in the manger. Jesus Himself is the Tree of Life. We can only be redeemed from the curse of our sins through Him. Now we can eat and drink of Him (as is symbolized in the Lord's supper - eating and drinking of Him because of His death on the Cross). We were blocked from Paradise in Genesis but in Revelations we find that those in Paradise can enjoy the Tree of Life. This life begins here.

From Paradise lost to Paradise regained. Enter in today, through Jesus. No matter what your sins may be and the sorrows of life you have been through you can accept God's gift to you today. If you refuse His gift then you must remain outside of Paradise. For ever!








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