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Not the usual photos

The Kwasizabantu website contains a few thousand photos (if you really look for them). Many need to be updated because projects grow, ministries expand and people get older, and many younger co-workers are being added year by year. We do have the more unusual photos of people, projects, rural areas, faces, flowers, wildlife, etc. If it is possible, we will try and add at least one new photo every week. Each one will be archived on this page so that you can see the ones you may have missed. (acknowledgements) Why not use the high resolution photos as Wallpaper on your computer, or part of your screen saver pictures?

beetle-shell-reduced.jpg (53579 bytes) to see a higher resolution picture of this empty shell left by the beetle click here

palm-reduced.jpg (20942 bytes) higher resolution of these palms in the typical KSB mist, here

dolly-reduced.jpg (95496 bytes) Higher resolution of this little girl and her baby doll here.

reduced-after-the-storm.JPG (25339 bytes) a higher resolution picture here after a storm where the tent had to be dropped and the children eat on the runway.

small-IMG_0467.JPG (182778 bytes) for a higher resolution version of this afternoon sun on the road going to CCE click here.


smaller-1drone-footage-dec2015.JPG (92028 bytes) first drone footage over the mission. Higher resolution here. If you want to see the Youtube movie of this click on the following image: drone-img.JPG (176746 bytes)

golden-crested-crane1-reduced.jpg (143810 bytes) for a higher resolution photo of this Golden Crested Crane click here.

blood-moon-ksb-reduced.JPG (88473 bytes) Blood moon photographed at KSB. Higher resolution here.

 figs-reduced.JPG (58953 bytes) higher res here

20150730_074220-low-res.jpg (168065 bytes) a higher resolution pic here

DSC_77690-reduced.jpg (150478 bytes) waving to mission plane  (higher res here)

spray-plane-low.jpg (47940 bytes) spray plane on neigbouring farm. Higher res here

bee-on-agapanthus-reduced.jpg (48100 bytes) bee on Arum flower. Higher resolution here

20150808-25-reduced.jpg (160565 bytes) having fun with sand on Sports Day. Higher resolution here.

half-eaten-apple-reduced.jpg (124413 bytes) half-eaten apple on DSS Sports Day. Higher resolution here

DSC0688-red.JPG (80399 bytes) for a higher resolution of this flower click here

distant-fire-reduced.jpg (70438 bytes) evening fire to the West. Higher resolution here.

shepherds-sheep-reduced.jpg (163645 bytes) Shepherds on wheels at KSB. Higher res here. shepherds-sheep2.jpg (4634946 bytes)

jungle-Gym-reduced.JPG (150822 bytes) Jungle-gym. Higher res here


reduced-DSC06688.JPG (128253 bytes) a view into the auditorium during the Youth Conference in June. Higher resolution here.

rondavel-view-reduced.JPG (197269 bytes) There are 55 rondavels (huts) at Kwasizabantu Mission. Higher resolution here.

water_drops-reduced.jpg (90415 bytes) Click here for a higher resolution of these water drops.

toffee-apple1a-resize.JPG (67834 bytes) Little children love sticky things. Higher resolution here.

Type-of-Echeveria -reduced.JPG (97515 bytes) A type of Echevira. Higher resolution here

new-sewage1-reduced.jpg (64711 bytes) new-sewage-reduced.jpg (151129 bytes) New sewage works being completed. Higher resolution here and here.

Zebra-Cactus-small.JPG (68666 bytes) For a higher resolution pic of this Zebra Cactus click here.

still-life-frog-lowres.JPG (146488 bytes)Still life frog. High res here

20150224_092335(Custom).jpg (130494 bytes) not all the KSB roads have potholes like this. Higher resolution here.

sylvia-hothouse(Custom).JPG (106390 bytes) different angle of hot-house. Here for higher resolution.

piano-duet-reduced.JPG (130913 bytes) Piano duet at DSS. Higher resolution here

DSC04723-reduced.JPG (79512 bytes) Not sure what these are? Look carefully. These are minature bottles about to be blown into full size by one of the Mission's bottlling plant machines. Higher resolution here.

reduced-20150304_175453.jpg (67816 bytes) Puzzled? See from further away, reduced-20150305_100439.jpg (92033 bytes) and further still, reduced-20150305_151453.jpg (73053 bytes) This is one of the two new screens made up of LEDs, in the Auditorium. It is far brighter and has a higher resolution than the previous one.

DSC06067.JPG (59661 bytes)

small-DSC05813.JPG (86707 bytes) cactus, larger version here

20150202_124445.jpg (27708 bytes) snow in summer? No, a hail-storm early on 2 February. Larger version here. (This photo was taken outside one of the paprika houses. Another angle: 20150202_124449.jpg (134446 bytes)

DSC_2724reduced.jpg (78409 bytes) After the storm. Higher resolution here. Various pics of the same storm: DSC_2705reduced.jpg (71792 bytes) DSC_2706reduced.jpg (78284 bytes) DSC_2714reduced.jpg (62664 bytes) DSC_2718reduced.jpg (97349 bytes) DSC_2725reduced.jpg (107738 bytes)

reduced-20141105_132048.jpg (154273 bytes) higher resolutoin here

DSC08990-reduced.jpg (40874 bytes) This bird of prey seems interested in netball. Higher resolution here. And here it is flying away DSC08992-reduced.jpg (137812 bytes).

heat-mist-reduced.JPG (87586 bytes) These summer days fluctuate between very hot and very misty. Click here for higher resolution.

20141203_104638.jpg (520878 bytes)
KwaSizabantu Auditorium . Larger resolution here.


reduced-crade-to-cross.JPG (100430 bytes) From the "cradle to the Cross". A Christmas decoration in one of the homes at Kwasizabantu. Larger resolution here.

small-different-angle.jpg (104003 bytes) a different angle for this flower. Higher resolution here.

reduced-reception-counter-reflection.jpg (13024 bytes) Boy looking over Reception counter. Higher res here.

audience-july2014-reduced.jpg (63130 bytes) Since it is the week of Youth Services we thought we'd show you a typical audience picture - this one was taken in July during the Youth Week. Higher resolution here.

Chameleon(Custom).jpg (49140 bytes) Unusual view of chamelion at KSB. Higher resolution here.

smaller-auditorium-night.jpg (69350 bytes) Auditorium evening sky, higher resolution here.

CCE-admin.jpg (212889 bytes) Outside Cedar College of Education Admin

mushroom-spring(Custom).jpg (114264 bytes) click here for a higher resolution.

red-not-the-usual-flower-girls.JPG (35989 bytes) To see these Flower-girls (at Kwasizabantu Free State) in a higher resolution, click here

red-20140921_083341.jpg (112070 bytes) Click here for a higher resolution version of this dandelion.

red-ThembalethuPlay-Centre.jpg (101249 bytes) An older picture at Thembalethu Play centre (the KSB Kindergarten). Higher resolution here

reduced-aerial1.jpg (205468 bytes) For a higher resolution of this aerial view click here.

64a_peppers_reaping_7months-(Custom).JPG (211459 bytes) reaping peppers, 5 tons a day, is a great help to the mission. See high resolution version here.

leaving-for-virginia(Custom).jpg (110786 bytes) Not often that stars come out so clearly on a photo. This bus was leaving for Virginia earlier this month, in the very early hours of the morning. Higher resolution here.

Blue-headed-lizzard(Custom).jpg (271035 bytes) This lizard was snapping at the camera as DW took the photos. Click here and here for higher resolution

reduced-spring-is-here.jpg (154830 bytes) Spring is here. See higher resolution here.

reduced-sunset-paw-paw.jpg (26701 bytes) For a higher resolution of the paw-paw tree in the sunset, click here.

reduced-dss-girls-fun.jpg (157627 bytes) Mission school girls having fun. Higher res here.

small-Conveyor-belt-water.jpg (116053 bytes) One of the many conveyor belts at mission water factory. Larger resolution here.

reduced-bored-dog-at-school-sportsday.jpg (25967 bytes) For a higher resolution of this bored dog, click here.

DSC08321(Custom).jpg (79583 bytes) Boys have fun (under the watchful eye of the parent on the right). See higher resolution here.

winter-leaves-reduced.jpg (153697 bytes) better resolution of these winter leaves here

DSC_3759reduced.jpg (176489 bytes) a recent aerial photo of one of KSB's dams. Higher resolution here.

DSC_3753reduced.jpg (178037 bytes) Not sure what this is? New avocado trees are being planted all over the mission. The plastic around the baby trees is to protect them from a small buck which loves fresh avo leaves, and to preserve moisture. High res here

unusual-aerial-angle-reduced.jpg (59240 bytes) not often that we get an aerial shot like this, taken during the Youth Conference. Higher resolution here.

low-res-inscription.JPG (52857 bytes) A curious inscription written on some left-over cement. High resolution here.

DSC03625-reduced.JPG (94183 bytes) to see a higher resolution of this new double-storey men's hostel going up where the "african pots" used to be, click here

20140215_104115(Custom).jpg (166642 bytes) some of the lovely pineapples from Kwasizabantu's Maqhogo mission. Larger resolution here.

june-sunset(Custom).JPG (78252 bytes) for a higher resolution of this June sunset click here

Gans(Custom).jpg (29063 bytes) not often that we get a goose like this flying over KSB. Here for a higher resolution.

DSC08091-small.jpg (52077 bytes) A fire in the distance, north of KSB. Click here for a higher resolution. Here is a zoomed in pic of the same fire: DSC08088.jpg (1320157 bytes)

DSCN0873small.JPG (12732 bytes) click here for a higher resolution photo of KSB in mist (a very common feature here since the mission is at 1000 metres above sea-level)

small-waterfall-reduced.JPG (123759 bytes) you didn't know that there was a waterfall at the mission? This is the small one. Click here for better resolution.

015small.JPG (84804 bytes) relaxed kittens. Larger version here.

DSC3022(Custom).jpg (74212 bytes) Spectacular photo of the moon a few days ago, at KSB. Full resolution here.

pastor-chauke-peppers(Custom).jpg (130406 bytes) for a higher resolution photo of Pastor Chauke inspecting our hydoponic peppers, click here

DSC07697(Custom).jpg (141766 bytes) Some visitors at Kwasizabantu. Larger resolution here. Read more about this endangered species of Grey Crowned Crane. Some more: DSC07698.jpg (2057800 bytes) DSC07699.jpg (2991824 bytes)

auditorium-march-2014Custom.jpg (24388 bytes) for a higher resolution of this auditorium photo taken on the evening of the college graduation, click here

DSC07555(Custom).jpg (60573 bytes) another spectacular moon shot. Higher res here

smallDSC07537.jpg (199086 bytes) not sure what this is? Click on the next photo to see smallDSC07538.jpg (186435 bytes). For a higher resolution click here.

20140214-full-moon-smaller.jpg (12593 bytes) for a higher resolution version of this recent full moon at the mission click here.

small-mission-plane.jpg (21520 bytes) for a larger version of this mission plane photo click here

IMG_7520(Custom).JPG (44477 bytes) What's unusual about the picture? Look roughly in the middle. See a spec? It's an umbrella taken up by a whirlwind. It's clearer in this next picture. IMG_7521Custom.JPG (16884 bytes) Known as a "dust-devil" in South Africa, these minature whirlwinds are known in Zulu as "izikhwishikhwishi".

figs(Custom).JPG (44565 bytes) a higher resolution pic of these figs here.

20140101_173130-smaller.jpg (18388 bytes) One of the Kwasizabantu dams. This photo was taken towards evening. Click here for a higher resolution.

Christmas-Cross.jpg (116045 bytes) While we rejoice about the birth of the Saviour let us remember that He came, not just to be born, but to die.

sugarcane_fire-low-res.jpg (69922 bytes) Download high resolution


uncle-friedel-tante-rita-low-res.JPG (94720 bytes) Download high resolution


pepper-packaging-low-res.JPG (22310 bytes)  Download high resolution


new-sewage-low-res.JPG (44393 bytes) Download high resolution


herman-looking-in.JPG (85783 bytes) Download high resolution

stork(Custom).jpg (165932 bytes) This black stork is a rarity at KSB. Read more about this Ciconia Nigra which migrates to India and Southern Africa during the European winter. Higher resolution here.

DSC0240(Custom).jpg (51163 bytes) We get dramatic lightning at KSB, especially in November. Higher resolution here. More pics here.   DSC021(Custom).jpg (65956 bytes) DSC0232(Custom).jpg (49359 bytes) DSC0237(Custom).jpg (55760 bytes)

WP_20130925_002(Custom).jpg (94401 bytes) So what is this is exactly? Click here to find out what this object is at KSB mission Virginia.

SAM_1506Custom.JPG (14020 bytes) For a higher quality photo of this rainbow on 12 Nov at Kwasizabantu, click here. The rainbow was towards the East. On the other side of the mission, towards the West, it looked like this: SAM_1502(Custom).JPG (51703 bytes) Higher resolution here.

generators-small.JPG (26074 bytes) Generators when Eskom fails. Larger here

DSC05750Custom.JPG (46878 bytes) God cares for the sparrows. Higher res here

close-up(Custom).JPG (171957 bytes) A close-up view of the "eye" on the wings of the moth below. High-res here

moth(Custom).jpg (48518 bytes) higher res here

DSC05745Custom.JPG (96519 bytes) higher resolution of these playful calves here

DSC05750Custom.JPG (46878 bytes) He feeds the sparrows. Higher res here

heron(Custom).JPG (60651 bytes) One of the lovely herons which nest in KSB trees. A higher resolution version here.

DSC05216(Custom).jpg (61098 bytes) A larger resolution here

loaf-divider-bakeryCustom.jpg (15586 bytes) The loaf divider at the bakery. Click here for a better resolution

DSC7210smaller.jpg (23006 bytes) For a higher resolution of this stunning sunset over the Auditorium, click here

DSC_0310-smaller.jpg (99078 bytes) a typical home near KSB mission at Magqogo. Higher res here

IMAGE_810(Custom).jpg (294109 bytes) Close-up of propeller. Higher resolution here

DSC_0774.jpg (129786 bytes) This photo was taken on the KSB mission at Magqogo. God has promised us "rivers of livinig water" if we believe as the Scripture says. Higher resolution here.

IMAGE_799Custom.jpg (12095 bytes) Two little girls gazing at the sunset . Higher resolution here.

001(Custom).JPG (107957 bytes) Mother and daughter at sweet peppers packaging shed. Higher resolution here.

IMAGE_780(Custom).jpg (497364 bytes) Amazing what plants look like through water spray. Larger versions here. Another example here .

IMG_0738ksb.jpg (29317 bytes) higher resolution photo to come

IMG_7273-reduced.jpg.JPG (14791 bytes) not sure what this is? Look at these plates in this next picture IMG_7274-reduced.jpg.JPG (86757 bytes) Higher resolution here

DSC00485-small.jpg (108182 bytes) This picture is here because it is unusual for altar-calls to be made at Kwasizabantu. In principle, we leave it to the Spirit of God to touch hearts. This altar-call was made by Rev Stegen during the recent June Youth Conference. High-resolution version is here.

IMG_2634-small.JPG (26633 bytes) Another Creche pic. Higher quality here

small-IMG_2630.jpg (207858 bytes) one of the children in the KSB creche. Click here for better quality picture.

IMG_7054-low-res.jpg (20369 bytes) some of our sunsrises are spectacular. Click here for higher resolution version.

low-res-Heuschrecke-Locust.jpg (63134 bytes) this blighter is not exactly a welcome guest at KSB. Click here for a high resolution. More angles here and here.

001.jpg (45327 bytes) for a higher resolution version of this photo of the auditorium at night click here

new-hothouse-south-aerial.jpg (143319 bytes) This photo is unusual in that we haven't had aerial photos of the mission since 2008. This particular one is over the new hothouse (4 hectares in size) looking East towards the mission. For more of this set of aerial photos taken be DW, click here.

earth-lights-star-lights.jpg (50521 bytes) a closer shot of this lovely mixture of lights on earth and in the heavens here: earth-moon-stars.jpg (101235 bytes)

IMG_2884(Copy).JPG (188451 bytes) Yes, this is really unusual. It is the cooling system for the new hothouses.
Water runs down and fans suck the air through. This is what it looks like: IMG_2885.JPG (1526597 bytes). A better resolution photo here.

moon-dragon.jpg (17084 bytes) This unique photo of dragon fruit in moonlight. (Taken at Kwasizabantu, Pietermartizburg)

azaleabud(Small).jpg (44305 bytes) click here for a better resolution of this Azalea bud

empty-tomb-gif.gif (3025226 bytes)

IMG_6819(Small).JPG (52184 bytes) Higher resolution here

IMG_6817Small.JPG (39478 bytes) Spot the insect. Better resolution image here.

rainbow-around-sunSmall.JPG (17069 bytes) click here for a higher resolution of this "rainbow around sun" pic.

IMG_6703(Small).jpg (29690 bytes) Beautiful skies when it is not misty. Better quality resolution here.

peppers-ladies(Small).jpg (67262 bytes) We are privileged to have plenty of reject sweet peppers at the KSB (these peppers are still fresh and perfect to eat but sometimes too big or too small for retail). With almost 10 tons being produced a week there are lots of left-overs. High resolution here.

flowers-below-girls-hostel(Small).jpg (81663 bytes) For a higher resolution version of these flowers below the DSS hostel, click here.

IMG_6696(Small).jpg (46646 bytes) We didn't enlarge this photo or put it on the main page in case it was too scary. If you don't mind seeing the graphical version of this snake swallowing a frog, click here. The frog was still alive at the time and was probably engorged with the many insects found at the mission. (In case you're very disturbed by the fate of the frog it may help to know that soon after the photo was taken the snake released its prey, alive.)

reduced-Mthaleni-Gordon_2012-12-30_17-27-07.jpg (16843 bytes) This photo (taken by SW) is of the area near the Kwasizabantu Mission at Gordon - Mthaleni. Click here for a higher resolution copy.

web-flowers-rondavelsSmall.jpg (33904 bytes) This web and flowers photo was found just below the KSB rondavels. Here for a higher resolution.

lowIMG_2611.JPG (44683 bytes) A recent funeral of Inkosi (Chief) Zubane was addressed by Rev Erlo Stegen. Thousands were in traditional Zulu dress. For a higher resolution version of this photo click here. Other photos include: lowIMG_2618.JPG (74124 bytes) IMG_2620(Small).JPG (55865 bytes)

low-res-noah-ark.JPG (23037 bytes) Noah's Ark with Tembalethu Kindergarten children at the end of 2012. Click here for the high resolution.

low-res-rainbow.jpg (29159 bytes) The rainbow speaks of HOPE which we need for 2013. The "hope of glory" is "Christ in you." (Col 1:27) Here for higher resolution.

low-res-tent.jpg (24964 bytes) This is the first time this tent from Europe (which can seat more than a 1000) was erected here at KSB. Read more about it here. A slightly higher resolution here.

low-audit-looking-north.JPG (13186 bytes) Most photos of the Auditorium are from the other side. This one is looking North. Click here for a higher resolution.

low-res-SAM_0904.JPG (18385 bytes) looking through the windows of the auditorium during the evening service of the 13th December. Click here for high resolution.

low-res-img_2147.jpg (36312 bytes) see higher resolution photo of these happy people at December 2012 Youth Conference where each one received a pineapple

small-DSC02527.JPG (23899 bytes) The far end of the new 4 hectares of hothouses. Click here for a higher resolution. The following are from a few weeks ago as the fans and other work was being done:
small-DSC0254.JPG (50194 bytes) small-DSC02548.JPG (40809 bytes)

reduced-DSC03239a.JPG (23616 bytes) click here for a higher resolution version of this gorgeous Zulu baby

low-res-Christmas- beetle.jpg (60192 bytes) It's Christmas beetle time again. These creatures (some refer to them as Cicadas) make a high pitched sound and, when trees are full of them, it is a cacophany of noise. See the higher resolution version here or see another angle of the same insect here.

low-res-mist1 .JPG (8911 bytes) No, this photo is not a mistake. You're looking at the average weather at the mission over the last two months - mist. At 1000m above sea-level we live in the clouds, literally. But if you want a better photo as wallpaper for your computer, click here.

low-res-herons.JPG (12228 bytes) These beautiful Herons (commonly known as tick-birds) live in clans and settle into KSB trees at sundown. For a higher resolution version click here.

low-res-bees-ksb-claridge.jpg (41303 bytes) KSB has bees in different areas. These ones are at Claridge in Pietermaritzburg. Click here for the higher resolution version.

low-res-cups.jpg (27630 bytes) For a higher resolution photo of these KSB cups, click here

low-res-cat.jpg (19930 bytes) Cats always love the sun. Click here for a higher resolution copy.

low-res-audit.jpg (29546 bytes) for a higher resolution of the Auditorium click here

low-res-skies-late-sep.jpg (15721 bytes) These phenomenal louds at the end of September "amazingly produced no rain", said photographer DW. Here for high res

low-res-local-plant.jpg (18417 bytes) for a higher resolution photo of this plant click here

low-res-dssboy.jpg (24051 bytes) for a higher resolution copy of this DSS boy, click here

low-res_DSC6571.jpg (17941 bytes) for a higher-resolution copy of this photo of chinese lanterns being released on the sports field under the stars, click here.

P1030403-low-res.jpg (32152 bytes) What is this? Click here to find out.Here are higher resolution versions of both photos, 1 and 2


pan-looking-east-low-res.jpg (14844 bytes) This is a panoramic shot taken looking East and showing some of the houses built near the airstrip. For a high-resolution version, click here.

low-res-IMG_1607.JPG (39542 bytes) Today, 3 September, is Spring Day at the mission school, Domino Servite. It is the first school-day after 1 September, the beginning of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. All the children and teachers came with articles of clothing symbolizing Spring. Everyone was served with cake, ice-cream and cold-drink. A higher-resolution photo here and here.

low-resIMG_0832.JPG (30524 bytes) Now you get to see these small avocado trees protected by plastic (want to know why?), with a rainbow thrown in. This picture looks North-East. A higher-resolution here. Similar pics taken at the same time:

 img_0824.jpg (1321217 bytes) img_0830.jpg (1145278 bytes)

img_2805.jpg (40022 bytes) Taken near to the Gordon branch of Kwasizabantu Mission, near Pomeroy

img_2893.jpg (54856 bytes) These cows were photographed close to the Gordon branch of Kwasizabantu Mission, near Pomeroy (where a battle rages over stolen cattle).
More photos: img_2905.jpg (99909 bytes) img_2943.jpg (87014 bytes)

low-res-P1030110.JPG (15077 bytes) Sunrise at KSB, looking across to new hothouses. Some more on the same morning: p1030107.jpg (1663378 bytes) p1030113.jpg (998031 bytes)

p1010903.jpg (31361 bytes) Yes, men can also cook at KSB. Men do a lot of the cooking for the thousands of young people who attend the mission's Kwasizabantu Youth Weeks. Click here for a higher resolution version of this photo.

low-res-IMG_1141.JPG (44352 bytes) Just a few hundred metres south of the mission one finds a growing population. Click here for a high resolution photo.

low-res-zulu-kettle.JPG (27958 bytes) This rustic Zulu kettle is not far from the KSB Maqhogo. Click here for a higher resolution version.

low-res-P1010946_Panorama.JPG (24214 bytes) It's not often that one sees the mission huts (55 altogether) from this angle. Click here for a higher resolution photo.

low-res_Panorama Dam.jpg (27006 bytes) for a higher resolution panarama photo of one of the 6 KSB dams, looking East, click here

low-res-P1010075.JPG (38034 bytes) One of the planes landing at sunset. See a better quality photo here

low-res-avos-from-above.jpg (106324 bytes) For a higher resolution photo of these baby avocadoes click here.

low-res_Panorama KSB.jpg (11605 bytes) a spectacular panorama pic with a higher resolution here. Scroll from left to right to appreciate the expanse from the sawmill on the left through to the bottling factory on the right. Make sure the picture is on + and not -.

low-res-new-hothouses_Panorama.jpg (21617 bytes) Click here for a brilliant high-resolution shot of this panoramic view of the new hothouses with the mission in the distant background. To get an understanding of the size of this 4 hectare area look at the minute land-rover underneath the hothouse.

lr-P1010229.jpg (2341 bytes) Spectacular photos of skies over KSB. Click here for a high-resolution of this photo and here for a whole lot more.

low-res-plane-landing.jpg (23527 bytes) For a higher resolution photo of this plane landing at sunset at Kwasizabantu, click here

low-res-college-window-reflects-sunset.jpg (53161 bytes) A reflection of sunset on the college library window. Click here to see a higher resolution photo of this

low-res-moon-shot.jpg (30426 bytes) For a higher resolution copy of this moon picture taken at Kwasizabantu at the beginning of June, click here.

new-hothouses1.jpg (34398 bytes) The new hot-houses are being erected, 4 hectares of them!. For a high-resolution photo click here, and for a zoomed-in photo click here.

ksb_rainbow1.JPG (59466 bytes) for a higher resolution copy of this photo click here, or for another view of the same rainbow at the mission, click here

cane-fire2.jpg (50952 bytes) Kwasizabantu Mission is on a farm surrounded by sugarcane and timber. This photo, taken by DW on 21 May 2012, is of a sugarcane fire to the West of the mission. A higher resolution of the same photo is here, and a slightly different angle of the same fire, here.

different-view-low-res.JPG (73950 bytes) Here's a differnt view of Kwasizabantu Mission. It's taken from a hill on the Eastern side, from Phezukomkhono School. Click here for a higher resolution.

low-res-IMAG0065.jpg (94115 bytes) See anything unusual here? You may see it in this higher resolution photo.

kzn-midlands-supermoon-africa-imagry.jpg (18789 bytes)
This supermoon photo

Click here for photos from 2013


Many of the photos have been taken by D.W.and J.C., W.M, J. A., R.S., M.M., D.S.,and others.


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