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Kwasizabantu Ministers' Conference: 7 - 9 March 2011

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Ministers' Conference Programme (PDF)



THEME:  “As the Scriptures say”


Monday  7 March


17:30   Supper

19:00   Welcome

19:30   Rev Erlo Stegen                                 “As the Scriptures say”

             (Director, KwaSizabantu Mission)



Tuesday  8 March

07:30   Breakfast

09:00   Dr A.D. Vilakazi                                  “A Biblical basis for saturation church planting”

             (International Ministry for Christ)

10:45   Tea

11:15   Bishop Frank Retief                          “Ministry, the missing link”

             (Bishop of CESA; author; expositor and international conference speaker)

13:00   Lunch

15:30   Rev Timothy Keep                            “Fresh oil”

             (Missions Director, Bible Methodist Church, USA; former missionary in Philippines)

17:30   Supper

19:00   Brigadier General Charlie Duke    “And you shall be My witnesses” – Acts 1:8

             (NASA astronaut, 10th man to walk on the moon)           


Wednesday  9 March

07:30   Breakfast

09:00   Rev Errol Naidoo                               “More apologetics - less apologies!”

             (Founder & President, Family Policy Institute)

10:45   Tea

11:15   Rev Ernest Mcambi    “Knowing and doing the will of God according to Scripture”

             (Director of Trans World Radio Zulu ministry; President, Baptist Union KZN)

13:00   Lunch

15:30   Prof Koos van Rooy                         “A new Zulu Bible”

             (Retired Professor, The Reformed Churches in SA; missionary; Bible translator)  

17:30   Supper

19:00   Rev Erlo Stegen                                 “As the Scriptures say”



Invitation to KwaSizabantu Ministers' Conference 2011 English - pdf
Invitation to KwaSizabantu Ministers' Conference 2011 Zulu - pdf
Uitnodiging na KwaSizabantu Predikantekonferensie 2011 Afr - pdf



As the Scriptures say

                                   “Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said,                                   

streams of living water will flow from within him.”

(John 7:38)

Dear Friend in Christ

We would like to invite you to our next Ministers' Conference in South Africa 7 – 9 March 2011, the Lord willing, from Monday evening to Wednesday evening.  This invitation includes yourself, as servant of the Lord, as well as your spouse and any colleagues who are involved in Christian ministry.

The theme “As the Scriptures say” poses a challenge to us as the Church of Christ worldwide to return to what our Lord teaches us in His Word – lest the reply of Jesus to some of the preachers of His day becomes true of us: “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God” (Matthew 22:29).

Here are some of the speakers who have accepted the invitation to address the meetings:

Dr Michael AVERY                         President, God’s Bible School & College, USA      

Brig.Gen. Charlie DUKE                NASA astronaut, 10th man to walk on the moon

Rev Ernest MCAMBI                      Director of Trans World Radio Zulu ministry;

                                                          Pastoring Durban Central Baptist Church;

                                                     President of the Baptist Union in KwaZulu-Natal

Rev Errol NAIDOO                         Founder & President, Family Policy Institute

Bishop Frank RETIEF                  Bishop of the Church of England in South Africa, author,

                                                         expositor and international conference speaker

Prof Koos VAN ROOY                 Retired Professor, The Reformed Churches in South Africa;

                                                        missionary; Bible translator

Dr A.D. VILAKAZI                        International Ministry for Christ


More details and confirmation of other speakers will be forthcoming and available on our website.

For attendance, please answer by phone, fax, post or e-mail (see contact details on the letterhead), providing the names of those who would like to attend, specifying couples, male or female.  You can also register online here on the website.  Our e-mail address [email protected] can be used for enquiries.

Although food and accommodation is freely provided for, we do request that you bring your own bedding, if possible.  We will assist those who arrive by plane or bus from far away, with transport to and from the Durban International Airport and Durban station / bus-stop.  Please let us know when and where to fetch you.

May God grant that this conference will lead every servant of the Lord to know God’s expectation of us, in order to be effective instruments in His Hands in the time in which we live.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

In His love

Erlo Stegen

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Director: KwaSizabantu Mission

Online Registration


Each year a Kwasizabantu Ministers' Conference is held, alternating between Switzerland the one year and South Africa KSB the other.

The date for the 2011 conference at Kwasizabantu in South Africa is 7 to 9 March, Lord willing. More information will be posted on this website as the date gets closer.

(2009 conference overview)

(See here for links to our previous conferences from 1999, including MP3's and text summaries of messages. A similar link in German is found here. Information about the recent 2010 conference is available on the Swiss Kwasizabantu website)


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