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Fouth European Ministers' Conference
21 - 23 April 2008

The European Pastors and Preachers Conference had the last service on the evening of 23 April, taken by Rev Willi Saratorius from Basel. He, together with all the other speakers, were somehow elevated into giving such powerful and blending messages that everyone was thrilled, challenged and could go home with a new zeal to spread the Good News in TIMES LIKE THESE. Earlier on in the day a cardiologist/preacher, Dr Ion Socoteanu spoke of God’s wondrous deeds in Rumania and other places. This humble man of God, a top heart surgeon, reaffirmed the confidence that we must have that Christ is victorious in every situation.

Next up was Stephen McDowell from the USA, (co-founder and President of the Providence Foundation) gave a unique message with Powerpoint slides, showing how God has used Christians in elevating society in every walk of life – science, medicine, economics. (The Lord willing, the PPT will be made available on this site in 2 or 3 weeks time). His main message was that God has called us to disciple individuals and nations, we are not to limit ourselves to evangelism only but spread the Kingdom authority of Christ through every aspect of life and society. In the afternoon, Pastor Michel Forey (president of the Pentecostal churches in France) gave a strong call to pastors to persevere in the work of God, just as Nehemiah did in his time. Reading from Neh 4:1 & 2 he looked at the mockery and resistance offered by the enemies of the builders of the wall. Even though they claimed that “these Jews are feeble/impotent” to do anything, let alone successfully rebuild the walls, God’s servants took refuge in the Lord, His Word, and His mighty power to do the impossible. In the Cross and resurrection of our Saviour we find the very core of God’s answer to the mockery of modern day Sanballats and his cronies. Christ is Victor and we must remain true to Him, obedient to our calling, and He will get the job done through His glorious power. (see or downloIn Times like these - Christians & Cultural Mandate (03 ver).pptad his Powerpoint "In Times like these - Christians & Cultural Mandate" (11megs in size))

The first full day of the European Pastors and Preachers Conference was packed full of blessed messages and an appreciative audience. The first message was full of meat and challenge by Prof Thomas Hoffmann. After morning tea Rev Dany Hameau, president of the 'Federation of French Evangelicals' gave a powerful message. In the afternoon there were 2 messages: the first one was by Ilie Coroama who has spent decades of ministry in Rumania and Russia (as well as Japan and other countries) and had been in and out of prison when Rumania and Russia was still under Communism. He emphasized the importance of obeying God's voice even when the task seems impossible. The second message was by a missionary lady Annemarie Graf who is doing wonderful work among prisoners in Cairo.
The closing meeting was taken by Rev Ernst Tanner the founder of the 'Helimission' (Helicopter Mission) and he poured out his soul in pleading with the audience to be on fire for God and say "here am I Lord, send me". Pastor Tanner said that he has witnessed some revivals and has read about revivals but they have all died out through various reasons, mostly over time the fire simply goes out. "With one exception", he said. "Kwasizabantu is the only place where I have witnessed an ongoing revival over many years, where through difficulties, criticisms, and hardships, the Lord still works in revival power." He said, "This conference would not be possible if it was not for the revival God has sent through Kwasizabantu". He said that he loves cheese but only with the tongue, because really strong Swiss cheese "stinks". "And so too is the stink of wickedness in Switzerland rising up to God's nostrils". He called upon the pastors to humble themselves before God in repentance, and in obedience to Jesus Christ, go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

The 4th European Pastors and Preachers Conference 21 - 23 April 2008 began with a very good turnout of about 300 people at the Swiss KSB venue. Rev Friedel Stegen began the conference with the evening message on the conference theme IN TIMES LIKE THESE - 2Tim 3:1-5. Reading from a variety of verses (including, 1Jn 1:5, 2Cor 5:20, 1Jn 3:11 and Jn 20:20, he highlighted the great need for true ambassadors of Christ who shine God's light of redemption into a dark world. The conference has some top speakers from France, Germany, USA and Switzerland. (see more details on the Swiss website,

Among the delegates are 25 Gypsy preachers, pastors from Poland, Rumania and other former Eastern block countries.

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