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Kwasizabantu Ministers' Conference 2001 - March 5 to 8

Thursday 8 March:

The closing service was taken by Rev Erlo Stegen from Gen 22:1-13. He emphasised the importance of obedience to God and complete consecration. Read summary notes or listen to the RealAudio here.

There was much rejoicing and excitement among the audience, especially at the prospect of returning to their congregations with a new zeal and light on "Back to Biblical Basics".

It was announced that the next Kwasizabantu Ministers' Conference should be 4 - 7 March 2002.

Wednesday 7 March:
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The Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia (LELB), Janis Vanags, gave an inspiring message calling the church back to its Biblical foundations. His message was titled "Ring of Steel" and described the history of the church in Latvia, and highlighted the importance of how to stay "pro-Scriptura" in a Postmodern era. (RealAudio here) We were greatly honoured to have the Archbishop and the ministers were encouraged and inspired by his message.

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Rev Friedel Stegen took the next morning session. He gave a powerful message titled "Our Calling as Preachers". (Read summary here and listen to RealAudio here.)

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Rev Hawu Mbatha took the first afternoon session and spoke on the subject "The Crisis Posed by Christ to the World Today". Read summary here - RealAudio here.

Dr van Eeden of Doctors for Life gave a brief on Aids and some other topics (read summary here.)

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Questions and discussion then followed and all the speakers were invited to sit on the panel.

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The Cedar College of Education Choir sang before the main speaker's address. Listen here.

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The evening service was taken by Rev Claude van Graan, the General Superintendent of Bethel Evangelistic Band. Read summary here, RealAudio here. His inspiring message on the subject "The Power of a Holy Life".


There are also a number of displays of various organisations.


Tuesday - 6 March:

 audience1.jpg (44073 bytes) side_view.jpg (43041 bytes) (photos of audience - the best attended Ministers' Conference in the past 12 years)


Bishop Ruhumiriza of Rwanda opened the day in prayer and a devotion was led by Pastor Subrumany of Durban.

The KwaSizabantu Choir then sang before the message was taken by Rev Erlo Stegen.

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Listen to their singing here.

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Rev Erlo Stegen gave a powerful message from Matt 28: 16-20 (see summary or Word version). There were many tears of repentance and rededication to the Lord after the morning session. (Listen to RealAudio version)

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At 11am the Premier of KwaZulu-Natal gave his address (see full text, or in Word ). (Listen to RealAudio version)

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The first afternoon session was a wonderful message by Dr Danie Steyn, a stalwart of Gospel preaching in South Africa and the former MD of Radio Pulpit. Read here for a summary of his message in Afrikaans (English version here).  Ds Steyn spoke on the authority of the Bible and used texts from Is 8:20; 9:1; Matt: 13: 24-30; Jer 5:4. (Listen to RealAudio version)

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The second afternoon session was taken by Rev Bill Bathman, founder and director of In Touch Mission International and celebrating 50 years of ministry. His sermon "Come Ye Apart" was taken from Mark 6: 30-44. See summary notes. (Listen to RealAudio version)

The evening session began with a devotion by Kwasizabantu co-worker Alpheus Mdlalose who read and expounded from Josh 3: 2-6.

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The mass choir then sang - listen here.

Then, the main speaker for the evening, Prof Grady McMurtry (director of Creation Worldview Ministries), gave a message on "Foundations: A Contrast of Two Worldviews". After his inspiring and Biblical message he also answered questions from the audience. See summary notes. (Listen to RealAudio version) Listen also to 2 radio interviews with Prof McMurtry (part 1, part 2)



Monday night, 5 March 2001:

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Rev Erlo Stegen, director of Kwasizabantu Mission, welcomed the many people who had arrived for the 7pm Monday night opening service. He noted that there were preachers from about 15 or more different countries (including: Latvia, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Belgium, USA). He said to the crowd of about 1100: "we have not come here for Kwasizabantu but for the Lord - to be in His presence." He reminded the preachers that the call of the ministry is the highest of callings and must be fulfilled with the authority of the Holy Spirit.

The brass band played a medley of songs:
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The main speaker for the evening was Rev W. Mabizela:
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The title was “The Effects of the Word of God in a Receptive Heart”. His main texts were taken from Heb 4:12; Jn 6:63 and 1Thess 2:13. Rev Mabizela (a co-worker at Kwasizabantu Mission) pointed out that the Word is "Spirit and Life" and must not be viewed like any other book. But the reason why it's powerful effects are not experienced is because of the sinful heart that is not receptive to the Word (James 1:21.
The Word must be accepted in simple faith, though some theologians regards this as "unintelligent, naive, gullible and fundamentalist." Since faith comes by hearing we must spend real time with God's Word and not just a hurried perusal of it.
Some of the effects of the Word are: newness, healing, mental illumination, mirror for life, victory over sin and a sword against evil. (See summary) (Listen to RealAudio version)


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