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Mission School end of your Prize Giving 2014

Domino Servite School had their end-of-year prize-giving on 29 November 2014. During the year there are Award Assemblies at the end of each of the 4 terms. The final prize-giving recognizes not only academic and sports results but also those who have made a difference and who been chosen for the Good Fellowship Award. The guest of honour this year was Pastor Didier Schott from Paris. He has a branch of DSS at his church and has been involved in Christian education for 25 years. In his speech he related the touching story of Enzo, a little gypsy boy who recently died of cancer. Pastor Schott related how he ministered to the boy and experienced how God's grace gave him such comfort. Enzo testified about the Lord to his family members and helped some of them turn to Christ in repentance. So too, children can be a blessing to their families.

For the first time there were also prizes for FAST students. Finishing and Advanced Student Training, established in January 2014, is a new department of Domino Servite School. FAST creates study opportunities which assist young men whose education has suffered through a lack of parental guidance, involvement in criminal activities or abuse of drugs/alcohol from a young age. There are currently thirteen students enrolled in the program. Courses for which the students are registered include: High School (Grade 10, 11 &12), Journalism, Health and Safety, Engineering, Teaching and Accounting. Miss Newlands had previously given this message of inspiration to the young men of FAST, "Never forget, God always gives hope, a new life and a second chance to those who seek Him."

To close off, Rev Erlo Stegen gave a message from God's Word.

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