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There are many opportunities in this time to beam forth God's light in a decaying and corrupted generation. 

For those that are willing to spread the Gospel through messages, these items can assist you.

You can use this page to order some of our most blessed sermons on CD's, DVD's and cassettes.

We can also provide you with a monthly service where we can post sermons to a friend at your request.

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  Prices exclude packaging and postage, please send an email to [email protected].za    for a quote)



Catalogues of sermons available


Testemonies & Sermons ...

according to Catalogues

R8-50 per cassette

R20-00 per Audio CD

tr_catalogue.jpg (53243 bytes) English German
Francaises Sotho, Venda, Tswana, Tsonga
Zulu Afrikaans
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"Revival Packs",

This special selection of  2 audio CDs contains Erlo Stegen’s personal testimony in English. 



Sunday sermons and extras on CD's

KSB CD 2000

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KSB CD 2001 more
KSB CD 2002 more
KSB MP3 CD 2002 more
KSB MP3 CD 2003 more
KSB MP3 CD 2004 more

KSB MP3 CD 2005



Sermons on DVD's

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These sermon DVD's prove to be a help in Biblestudies, homechurches, bedridden people and for many individuals and missionaries. 


The Mercy of God (Part 1 & 2) and others. Two excellent sermons.


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KSB Choir

The KwaSizabantu Choir was born out of the revival at KwaSizabantu Mission.  Starting as a small group of full-time missionaries in 1974 it has grown to over 50 members.  Each member of the choir has a personal testimony of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

R60-00 CD
cassettes (studio recording) R35-00
cassettes (with photos) R20-00
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Eurochoir Weinachts Konzert, and others

The Eurochoir consists of the young people from Europe who have a zeal for God.

R80-00 CD
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(Men's Choir)

more CD

Brass Band - quite nice


Gospel Music

3 different cassettes

Ross & Margo that warms your heart

R25-00 cassette

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"Will you be there?"

R60-00 CD

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"Old yet ever new"

R100-00 CD


Plays on DVD's

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... a play with a strong message, a usefull tool in reaching the youth.                          

These plays are produced filmed and by the youth of Kwasizabantu Mission.
"Joseph" - A True Love Waits production R100
"The Scarlot Cord" - a play of DSS R100
"Simon of Cyrene" - a play of CCE R100


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"Revival amongst the Zulus

Read how revival began in a small Zulu congregation over 30 years ago & has grown into a glorious work of God.  Erlo Stegen tells of personal experiences he went through in seeking revival.  He tells how God “rent the heavens” and came down.

(also available in audio format as Audio Revival Pack.)





Tools for Evangelism

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Bibles from Bible League at affordable prices Much affordable Bibles from R45 and up
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Broad and Narrow ways

Languages available: Afrikaans, English, French, German, Herrero, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Shona, Sotho, Swahili, Tsonga, Tswana, Xhosa, Zulu

R5 each




Steps to order:

1.      Make your choice from our catalogue

2.      e-mail your order to as a attachment to [email protected]

3.      We will return your e-mail with a quote as well as a reference number.

4.      You may do the payment using internet banking at your branch, and send us the proof of payment via e-mail as well as your postal address and reference number. Or you can make a deposit at your bank and fax the deposit slip to (032) 481 5510 or +27 32 481 5510 (overseas).  Please mention the method of payment because that will influence the quotation.

5.      We check your payment, make up your parcel and post it to you

6.      We respond with an e-mail to let you know your parcel is in the way.

Our banking details:

  • Overseas orders: Swifft number: ABSA ZA JJ
  • Bank: ABSA Bank
  • Account name: Mission Kwasizabantu
  • Branch code: 630 125
  • Type of account: Cheque account
  • Account number: 0111 0520 120
  • In remarks box, please mark: KSB Audio and Visual Ministry
  • Fax the deposit slip to 032 481 5510 attention: Audio and Visual Ministry, or +27 32 481 5510 (international).



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