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"Indecision is wrong decision"

Summary of sermon by Arno Stegen, 21 April 2013


(Also the engagement of Andrew Roos and Mirjam Schoben - see photos below)

Indecision is the wrong decision

These two young people have a decision and made it public to the church. We all need to make many decisions – big and small. There are so many choices. How wise are we in making decisions? Some make small decisions but the biggest decision has not been made. It puts them in a dilemma. How can you make decisions if you have not make the biggest decision of your life? If you have not made that decision, you will wander around aimlessly. You can see it in their lives. They don’t know where they are going. A few make the right decision but some don’t do anything because they are scared to make a decision. Some don’t want to get married because they want to flirt around and some are like that with God. Indecision is the wrong decision.
In Acts 24:22 Governor Felix didn’t know what to do with Paul. For many reasons, he didn’t know what to do with Paul. He wasn’t an enemy of the gospel. He didn’t speak against the gospel and he had some sympathy with Paul but when he had to make a decision, he backed off. He wasn’t prepared to pay the price. V 25 Paul spoke about righteousness. He didn’t speak what Felix would like to hear. Like many people today, Felix was convicted and he became afraid and instead of making a decision for the Lord, he pushed it away. He knew what he had to do. It was clear but no, he delayed the decision. If the devil can’t make you make the wrong decision, he will make you delay. He knew Paul was right but Felix said, ”When it is a more convenient time.” Some are lost today because they didn’t make the decision when they should have. Felix was also an opportunist. He wanted to benefit out of the deal. He wanted Paul to bribe him and so called him often. Some people are like that – they just want to see what they can get out of this. The Bible says, “Their god is their belly.” In spite of listening to Paul, we never hear of Felix making the right decision. In fact, Felix left Paul in prison to please the Jews. Some people have no backbone. All they worry about is, “What do people think of me?” and often it is the wrong people they worry about. Are there Felixes reading this? You say, "maybe one day". Are you man enough to acknowledge that you are a Felix? We thank God for those who make the right decision. Don’t say you have made the right decision, but you do the wrong thing. How you behave will show whether you have made the right decision.

I caught a plane and flew to Johannesburg. On arrival, they said, “Welcome to Maputo (which is the capital of Mozambique).” It was a joke but what if it was true?. People say they are on their way to heaven but they are going in a different direction. You are living like a fool. Do our actions support the decision we have made? Some make the right decision and go that way for a while. A woman was on her way to Johannesburg. She stopped and bought something and then got onto the highway. Soon she realized that she was on her way back to Durban. People are like that. They go back on their decision. God gives us road signs that tell we are going in the wrong direction. Do we listen? Are we making the right choices? God says now is the day of salvation. The couple engaged today has made a decision and it will affect their whole life.

Deut. 26v16: This was a very important time in Moses’ life. People were stubborn after so many wonders from God. Moses challenged people to make the right decision because without that they could not experience God’s blessing. Joshua and Caleb had to go the way for forty years because of other people’s wrong-doing but they had no bitterness. Moses was desperate to get the people to make the right decision. V 16 This what God had said. It wasn’t a man or a group’s opinion. It was what God had said. It is sweet if you know it was what God has said. No man has told me but God has lead me. To people who don’t know this, it is foolishness. You can’t just know this; it must be a part of you. It must be in your heart and soul or it will go lost. Is the law of God in your heart or just in your head? Moses speaks to the people and wants them to make a decision. You want to shout for joy – if you proclaim the Lord to be God in your life. Have you proclaimed the Lord God in your life? You make him Prince and Judge in your life. If you don’t want him to be God, one day you will have to acknowledge Him. The rich man acknowledged God in hell but that was too late.

When you have made the all-important decision you walk in his ways. Walking gives you the sense of movement and progress. Are we going places with him or are we stuck in the mud? People have their ways. Did so-and-so react like that? You try to help him but he just brushes you aside. He brushes you aside and others say “It’s just his way.” You know your way at home when things don’t go as you think. Friends, we must do things God’s way. The psalmist says, “As for God, His way is perfect. He has made His way known to Moses. He will teach the meek His way.”

God’s way is the best way. You will keep his commandments. You must make that decision. Keep his statutes. Judges can make subjective decisions and people lose faith in the system. A judge should judge according to what the law says. Today we can appeal the decision. Another judge makes a different judgment. Christians gave accepted God’s decisions as proclaimed in His Word. He is righteous and his verdict is right. You have proclaimed that you will obey his voice. Some people’s own thoughts are their god. It’s just that person feels unstead of what the Lord says. But God’s laws and statutes as found in the Bible are what matters. Some, however, don’t listen to His voice. That takes you a step further. We must teach others after we have learnt it. As a parent, we must bring our children into a closer fellowship so that they obey his voice.

Phillip heard the Lord speaking to him. He had to go into the desert. You can read it in Acts 8. He found a man riding through the desert. He was an official, the finance minister of Ethiopia. Phillip had to go closer. When God’s speaks and he confirms it was Him, it’s thrilling to know you are a part of what God is doing. He heard the man reading from Isaiah and helped him to understand and he was baptized. Do you know what it is to hear and obey God’s voice? Often it will go against what you think and feel.

Moses said, “The Lord proclaimed you to be His special people.” David said, “I live in a beautiful house. I want to build a house for the Lord.” Is there a limit what God will do for us if we make the right decision? Then God will make you a special people. He is waiting for you to make a decision. He will set you above other nations. He will raise you to heights that you could never reach without him. He has chosen us for obedience. In Ephesians 1:4 , it says that you have been chosen to be a holy people for God. Moses said, “You must take large stones, paint them white and write what I have told you.” It is a remembrance of what God has done and it helps your children as well. Nowadays, God engraves his word on our hearts. Make the right decision. Your danger today is to delay the decision to let Christ be Lord of your life.

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