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Tanzania and 4 countries
(13 September to 11 October 2000)

Brief report about whole trip by John Powys (latest photos now ready - 26 October)

Update, 21 September: John, speaking by phone from Nampula, Northern Mozambique, says the service have been going very well so far. They are still on schedule to arrive in Tanzania by 26 September. It is extremely hot and travelling is difficult with the poor infrastructure. The two 4X4 vehicles have been going well and are a big help. (Should you want to phone John or any team members please contact us for details about their satellite phone number.)

Update, 24 September: Missionary trips are usually not without trials and tribulations. John has called (by satellite phone) to say that the Isuzu 4x4 has had an accident and, although no one was hurt, the car cannot proceed. Arrangements are being made to fetch two of the team (because of lack of room in the other vehicle). They are in a remote area of Northern Mozambique called, Mocimboa-ba-Praia. Please remember in prayer. More information will be posted on this site as soon as it becomes available.

Update 7pm, 24 September: The team has decided to leave out Tanzania from its itinerary, because of the extremely difficult logistics. They will tow the 4x4 and go through Malawi and Zambia to the places where meetings had been arranged.

Update 25 September: The team has arrived safely in Nampula to arrange the towing of the broken vehicle. They will probably drive on Wednesday to Malawi to continue their trip.

Update 2 October: News from the team is that all is well and the week in Malawi has been an "indescribable" time of blessing. There were wonderful meetings with Muslims. Today, the team heads for Harare in Zimbabwe.

Update 6 October: The team has arrived safely and in victory after travelling through Zimbabwe and Botswana. Photos and slides are being developed and some should be made available soon (as well as some descriptions of services and experiences). Thank you for your prayer support.

(see photos of previous trips to Mozambique)


 Brief description of one month missionary trip with team members John Powys, Karel Snyman, Japie Fouche, Meyer Olivier, Michael Ngubane, Thomas Maphanga. Please pray for them.

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(written by John)
We depart at 04h00 on Wednesday 13th and arrive at Nhachengue ( Carlos' place) at approx 20h00.

We stay with Carlos the 14,15 and 16th for services and depart the morning of the 17th.

We arrive at Gondola to overnight with the Hattinghs on the night of the 17th.

On the 18th we depart Gondola for Caia on the Zambezi, where we overnight.

On the 19th we depart the Zambezi for Nampula, we arrive approx 20h00 at Cassamo's.

We sleep the 19th in Nampula and have services the 20th, we sleep the 20th in Nampula and depart from there with Cassamo and Pastor Yona for Mocimboa de Praia.

We arrive at Mocimboa on the 21st and start services on the 22nd till the 24th, we depart the 25th and cross the border across the Rovuma river by ferry.

We arrive in Arusha via Dar es Salaam on the 26th.

Our conference starts on the 27th thru to the 1st of October, we depart Arusha the morning of the 2nd,

We arrive at Malawi border the same day where we overnight.

The 3rd we travel to Pieter Loots at Mangochi where we stay a few days and depart on the 6th.. We arrive at Chadiza in Zambia on the 6th to visit and overnight with Pastor Gideon Banda.

We depart from him on the 7th and arrive at Mkushi that night. We have services the Sunday the 8th and depart Mkushi on morning of the 9th.

We arrive at Livingstone on the 9th and overnight there.

The 10th we travel through to Lichtenburg. On the 11th we travel back to KSB.


Contact People

Mozambique; Jalbino Cassamo, Muahivire Expansao; No 116; Nampula. Tel: 6218442

Carlos Vilanculos; Nhachengue; Inhambane


Tanzania; Pastor Yona Sumari; P.O.Box 1600, Arusha.

Eliphasi Samuel, Box 1600, Baara Village, Arusha. Tel: 2552724034.

Malawi; Pieter Loots. Mangochi.

Zambia; Pastor Gideon Banda; Chadiza; P.O.Box 520052; Chadiza: Tel: 62006222232.

 See maps of Trip (population of Tanzania)


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