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Special Celebration Service - KZN Table Mountain (EmaQongqo)
30 November 2003

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The Hadebe family of the Kwasizabantu congregation at EmaQongqo invited Rev Stegen and the choir to join with a celebration service for their daughter Busi.

Busi Hadebe is a co-worker together with the Derrick and Myrna King in Pietermartizburg. Her aged father (80 years old) wanted the celebration service to thank God and Busi for their faithfulness all these years.

Rev Stegen preached from Rev 2:10, "Be faithful unto death...". Many start the on the way but fizzle out before the end. Some decades ago there was a famous racing driver (& manufacturer of racing cars). Mickey Thompson's cars were phenomenal in starting the races but not once in 29 races did they ever finish the race.
Some years ago a bishop of the Church of England addressed the ministers' conference at Kwasizabantu. He warned them that 3 things in particular destroy the ministries of preachers: money, women and power.
No wonder Paul tells Timothy to be on his guard (1Tim 6:10) against the love of money.
The Lord tells the Smyrnan church that some of them will be persecuted for "10 days". Even though Christians are righteous and law abiding it does happen that the Lord allows the devil to oppose them. But the devil does not have full control - he is limited and is only allowed "10 days".
Rev Stegen encouraged Busi, the Hadebe family, and the hundreds in the audience that they must heed God's command to be "faithful unto death". Then comes the reward of the "crown of life."

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